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Hi, I am 16 weeks pregnant with MoDi Twin Girls due June 18, 2019. This is my 1st set of twins! I have 4 older children & a 17-month-old son that is spoiled rotten from his siblings, grandmas, great grandmas, u name it, he has them wrapped around his tiny fingers.  :D I have my original OB-GYN and an MFM for this pregnant & I did with my last pregnancy due to placenta previa. I have read so many wonderful success stories, as well as, some heartbreaking ones that make me concern so I am constantly worrying a lot. I haven't felt kicks yet, but I am only 16 weeks so I am not too concerned unless my MFM tells me there is an issue. If anyone has information or advice that they would like to share, they r greatly appreciated and wanted. I know everyone's pregnancy and births r diff but I would love to hear from other experienced moms that has gone thru this type of pregnancy before. Thanks and Congratulations 2 all the moms & M2B!! 

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    Congratulations! I had my twins in September (: I didnt find out until the 20 week ultrasound and started to feel kicks all over around then too. They are was my first pregnancy so I had no idea what to expect and when to expect feeling them. My daughter was twin A and I had an anterior placenta with her so I didn't feel her as much until towards the end. My son, B had a regularly placed placenta and once I started to feel him move he never stopped haha. Because A was breech I had to have a c-section at 38 weeks. They wouldn't let me go any later than that which was fine with me because I'm pretty sure they had no intention of coming anytime soon.
    Be prepared to have a c-section, do some research, talk to the hospital you'll be delivering at, ask their policies about twin deliveries, and what happens in an emergency scenario. You want to be prepared for everything and hope for the best! 
    Once the babies get here I suggest and hope that you have a large support system. Twins is all I know but it's a whole new ballgame compared to one baby. My husband and I live with my parents right now am I'm beyond lucky they've been so willing to help us with the babies any time day and night and its helped keep me safe. I love my twins. They're 4 months old, starting to find each other and realize they aren't the only baby here, and learning so much.  It's so so much fun and you'll have a blast! Good luck mama!!
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