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Congratulations Moms & M2B

Hi, I am 16 weeks pregnant with MoDi Twin Girls due June 18, 2019. This is my 1st set of twins! I have 4 older children & a 17-month-old son that is spoiled rotten from his siblings, grandmas, great grandmas, u name it, he has them wrapped around his tiny fingers.  :D I have my original OB-GYN and an MFM for this pregnant & I did with my last pregnancy due to placenta previa. I have read so many wonderful success stories, as well as, some heartbreaking ones that make me concern so I am constantly worrying a lot. I haven't felt kicks yet, but I am only 16 weeks so I am not too concerned unless my MFM tells me there is an issue. If anyone has information or advice that they would like to share, they r greatly appreciated and wanted. I know everyone's pregnancy and births r diff but I would love to hear from other experienced moms that has gone thru this type of pregnancy before. Thanks and Congratulations 2 all the moms & M2B!! 
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