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Intro, *TW, Pain around O? (Living child mentioned)

37 yo here. 1 living child - almost 10. Got pregnant with #2 in December on first cycle to our shock, and miscarriage started 4w5d. Midwife confirmed with exam and beta testing. She said there was no waiting on sex/conception based on newest evidence and how early it was and that with my age, m/c rates are higher. 

I felt by earlier this this week that I would O early this cycle and I’m pretty sure it’s happening today/tomorrow (CD 10/11). But today I had slight spotting and some cramping (central- not one sided) which I’ve never had mid-cycle before. My question is - is this a thing post m/c? Maybe my body is more sensitive- has anyone else experienced this first cycle after m/c? I stopped bleeding 6 days ago. 

Re: Intro, *TW, Pain around O? (Living child mentioned)

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    Until my molar pregnancy last year, I have never had any mid cycle spotting, but now I do when I O.  I am not sure if I am simply more aware and it always has happened or if this is new for me.  I do have centralized pain during O. 
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    I've been thinking my period is about to start for the past week because of the spotting. This is my first cycle after my MC. I think the only normal post MC is there is no normal.
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    I never had O pain until after my MC. Spotting w/O started a few months after and looks like it may be gone after most recent loss. Like @ruby696 said, the only normal is there is no normal after MC.
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    Thanks everyone! Who even knows if I o’ed. Agree that the new normal is anything but. Hard to accept as someone that’s been charting for 11+ years off and on and thought I knew my body - oof. 
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