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Done....but having a hard time with this decision.

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Hi everyone.  I'm 37 and my boys are 9, 6, and 3 (and no - I don't mind not having a girl).  I'm trying to enjoy every moment of the craziness - and wow are our lives crazy!  I have a terrible time feeling "done" and having my baby years coming to an end.  I am having an extremely hard time with it actually.  Does anyone else feel this way??  As uncertain as I feel...this is exactly HOW certain my husband is that he is absolutely done done done!  I'm coming to you all to see if anyone else is going through this.  Please don't suggest that I'm not done, and I should have more.  I don't have this ability because if I would try to push my husband into having another one, it wouldn't be healthy for our family or our marriage.  He was an only child, so 3 is a lot for him.  I'm from a family of 5 so I'm used to the craziness.  I know that having more wouldn't be best for our family, but I truly miss having a baby around the house.  And it's hard to change with the boys as they grow older, and so heavy that I can't carry them anymore.  These years go so fast, in less than 10 years I went from a new mother to a mother of three and done.  Every 3 years the dynamic of our house is totally different, and this is the first time a new snuggly baby isn't around and it makes me so sad.  One thing that does bring me comfort is that in my opinion, if it's in God's will, it will happen no matter what we do to prevent it.  Thanks for listening, any thoughts or comments are appreciated.  :-)
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