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Can’t sleep! 😔

I recently had my miscarriage and I’m finding it so hard to go to sleep. I just keep thinking of everything and dreaming what my baby could have been like. I wish I could have held it in my arms. This is so hard. 

Re: Can’t sleep! 😔

  • So sorry for your loss and that you are struggling.  What you are feeling is normal and is ok.  I cried myself to sleep for weeks after my losses.  It is very difficult as we start planning LO future as soon as we find out we are pregnant. A few weeks after my losses, I would find that I could get through the day without crying and day by day it got better.  I still have bad days from time to time and my last loss was a year ago.  It’s ok to have those bad days.  Hang in there, it will get easier 
  • Thank you so much for your kind words 
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    I'm sorry for your loss. I recently had my second loss and I too am finding it difficult to sleep. I get caught up in the "what ifs." After my first loss I think it was 4 weeks later that I noticed I hadn't cried one day and was sleeping a little better. This isn't easy at all and it is so normal to experience difficulties with sleeping and other things you might be feeling. I think for myself I'll need a little extra help processing with a therapist after having had recurrent losses. I find it helps me when I'm not stuck in my head so much. Somehow, we manage to get through this it just takes a lot of time. I'll be thinking of you. 
  • Thank you, I’m sorry for you losses. It’s good to know I’m not alone.  
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