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From a post made elsewhere on this site. Was directed t this section. 

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  • @emmygirl201 - sorry, just a bit confused: this isn’t your question but someone else’s? If so, they are more than welcome to join the weekly check-in and introduce themselves to everyone on the board here. It’s a pretty small group of women on here that I’m sure are happy to offer their support. I’m just not sure how to answer a question that’s been directed to this board? 
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  • It’s my question screenshotted from a previous post on this site. I’m not sure how to navigate on this site so I’ve just been refreshing my internet tap every few hours. 
  • Ah, I see! Well, welcome to the board here! If you’ve found this board then all you have to do is post on a weekly check-in thread, similar to the discussion here. That usually is the best place to get answers as everyone follows along on those threads. Hope that makes sense! 

    In regards to your question, I’m currently on my third round of Letrozole and (obviously) it still hasn’t worked for me. I’m thinking of trying to get my dosage increased to see if that would work. However, if it doesn’t work on the next couple of rounds then I would be moving onto IUI. Have you been ttc for a while now? Have you been referred to a RE? 
  • I’ve been trying on and off for 6 years. I’m not sure what an RE is
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