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How did you find out the gender?

Hey ima FTM(22y) and I'm 19w and 3d. 
I was wondering what or how did you find out your babys gender? Did you have a reveal party? Something intaminte with just you and your SO? Just have the obgyn tell you? I wanna know everything so i can have some ideas.


  • Hey ima FTM(22y) and I'm 19w and 3d. 
    I was wondering what or how did you find out your babys gender? Did you have a reveal party? Something intaminte with just you and your SO? Just have the obgyn tell you? I wanna know everything so i can have some ideas.
    Well, we found out the sex of our child at birth.  After she was born, the doctor asked my husband to take hold of the baby and announce to the room the sex of our child.  He dod with tears in his eyes. It was one of the most touching and most awesome experience that he has had as a father, to this day he still takes pride in that moment.  I feel that is far more touching than anything else, just my opinion though.  It was extremely neat to be able to call family to tell them that *daughter's name* was born last night and hear their reactions.  

    You will find out the gender when the child is older.  My kiddo was born female anatomy and her gender is of female.  Gender=/= sex.

    I despise reveal parties as no one truly cares how your child will pee or reproduce in their future.   Finding out on an ultrasound screen isnt fun, IMO. 

  • I loooved my reveal party. We could have found out if the baby was a boy or a girl before Halloween but we opted to have the tech put the answer in an envelope for us. I passed it off to my cousin so her and her husband could help organize it. I really loved the idea of finding out with the rest of my family but I didn't want to do something that was done a million times like a cake or a box of balloons. We are also broke lol so we couldn't do anything too over the top. I decided to go ahead and take advantage of the holidays being on the way. With all the family already together on Thanksgiving, I decided to do reveal after turkey day lunch. My boyfriend HATED waiting that long to find out but the wait was well worth it. We had our family gather around us and some close friends with cans of silly string while we were blind folded. The color of course told us what we were having. I was totally stunned because I was convinced it was the opposite but I've fallen in love with my baby girl on the way. It also created an awesome picture for us to show baby Addy when she's older. I'm all about making memories. Now I have the baby shower to look forward to! 

    On a side note: I know there is a lot of tension around the ideas of gender/sex reveals. One of my cousins is trans. His mom wasn't so accepting so it was me who helped him transition and teach him how to give himself testosterone shots, so I know that not everyone identifies with the sex they were born with. I'm of the opinion that I will raise my daughter as a woman, until she tells me otherwise. And I will be the first to take my child out to buy whatever they need to feel comfortable. I'm not causing her any harm by raising her that way. My cousin and I have talked about it a lot. His trauma and fears don't come from being raised as a woman because for the longest time, he didn't even know he was a guy. For him, the trauma came when family and friends wouldn't accept him when he finally understood who he was. 

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  • The midwives asked if H wanted to look and tell me, so he did. So it was just he and I and the midwives there. We will be doing that again with this baby. 

    My only advice would be to NOT have any sort of reveal if you would potentially have to deal with some disappointment. I have a friend who had a reveal for her third baby. They had two boys, and she really wanted a girl. When the balloons popped and blue confetti fell down, the entire room went silent. It was apparently quite awkward because everyone knew she wanted a girl. I wasn't there, but I can't believe she did something like that knowing there was a 50 percent chance she'd get another boy. Of course, she loves all of her sons, but she would really like to have a girl too. 
  • I'm not really into reveal parties...they just seem really overblown for something that isn't all that important.  We found out with #1 at our anatomy scan and with #2 and #3 I had NIPT done because I was AMA so we found out when the test results were posted to my online portal.  DH wanted to try being team green with the first two but I overruled him.  I told him we could do it with #3 but that time he really wanted to find out (the first two were girls and he wanted a boy so he figured he'd find out early so if it was a girl he could have time to come to terms with it before the birth).

    I dont begrudge people a reveal party, especially people that had trouble getting pregnant and really want to celebrate their pregnancy at every opportunity, but they're not for me.  I've never actually attended one, though the only person I know that did one was my sister (I live out of state and she found out the sexes of her twins before the reveal, so she just told me on the phone before the party).
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  • I found out the sex with MH via ultrasound with the first and via NIPT test results with #2. It helps me to connect with the pregnancy to be able to name them and then call them by name.

    I’m also not a fan of gender reveals and wouldn’t have one myself. No one else cares that much and it seems AWish. Especially if the parents know beforehand. The only benefit in attending is to see the parent’s reaction to the news and when you can tell they know already, it makes the whole party pointless.
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  • At my anatomy scan, the ultrasound tech asked me and H if we wanted to know.  Then she told us.
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  • We had an email with the sex sent to a donut shop by us and one by our family on the other coast. Then we did a small, intimate, donut reveal over FaceTime. It was awesome 
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