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Amelia and Eli?

I’m really struggling picking a name I like this time around. With DD, we chose a name, I doubted it a few times, but ultimately liked it a lot. With this one, though, I can’t seem to find anything I like that doesn’t have some major flaw. My (and DH’s - we actually agree!) only real contender right now is Eli. Problems: 1) we have a friend with a son named Eli. He’s almost 10, and we only see him a few times a year. 2) bigger problem: DD is Amelia. Eli is “inside of” Amelia. 

Bottom line: am I crazy and need to get over it, or is that weird - to name him “part of” her name? 

Re: Amelia and Eli?

  • Would you be willing to name him Elijah nn Eli?  I would go for that. 
  • Elias would be another option for a fuller first name. For the frequency you see them and the age difference, I say go for it. It’s not like they’ll be in the same class at school or become neighborhood friends.
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  • Eli is a great name (I may be biased since I have one!). I wouldn't think twice about using it because the same letters appear in Amelia. That part of Amelia isn't even pronounced the same. 
  • I think it’s fine too. I say go for it!
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    It’s not a big deal but I’d go with Elijah as the full name. That way his name isn’t “inside of” Amelia’s and they both have longer more formal name options
  • I love Eli and wouldn't think twice about the friend or the Amelia thing.  Although I do like Elijah or Elias nn Eli slightly more than Eli as full name.  But any one you choose is great!
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