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Hello fellow moms! I am 7 weeks with my first  child. I have had some bleeding that was very light and brown in color. On Saturday I had some red bleeding that last through the afternoon but then proceeded to stop. I went for my first ultrasound on Monday and they said everything looked good and the baby heartbeat was 130. I have started having the red bleeding again, how anyone else experienced this? I hace called my doctor and they say its normal for some people?? Please help

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    The bleeding today must be from the transvaginal ultrasound, your cervix is very sensitive right now and that can cause bleeding.  And or if you have had sex, that can cause it too.

    Unless the bleeding becomes very heavy and clotting, I wouldn't worry to much.  If you get concerned,you can your doctors nurses line when they open and ask.  If the bleeding becomes immense/very heavy then you may want to call the on call doctor.

    Edit: must = may be.  My auto correct is aweful. Sorry.
  • This is my 5th pregnancy.  I have bled with all four of my others.  TW two were losses but both were mmc and with the one I stopped bleeding a month before I even found out about the loss.  End TW

    i asked my doctor what to do if I bleed this time and he said to not even call him.
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