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2nd consecutive miscarriage, what to test for?

Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum, 35yo, and had my 2nd miscarriage last week (never had a live birth). Knowing the statistics for a 3rd loss is much higher now, I'm wondering what tests some of you did? I'm not sure what to advocate for when I see the doctor in a couple of weeks and just want to have some sort of plan when I'm there. I don't have other women to talk to about this, not even my mom. They've had a real easy time getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and having a healthy birth. I feel so lost and empty right now. Not doing out normal Christmas plans this year cause I just can't be around all the babies this time around. Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts on possible tests to inquire about. 

Re: 2nd consecutive miscarriage, what to test for?

  • <3@pnaemi Welcome.  I don’t have experience with recurrent pregnancy loss (yet), but I just wanted to say that I’m sorry you’re here.  I feel the same way about the holidays - it’s so so difficult.  I hope you can find some small amount of joy somehow to help you get through  <3
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  • Sorry for your losses. So your ob gyn may tell you 2 losses can be 'normal' and to 'not worry and just try again.' However, the definition for RPL is now 2 losses with no live births. If you are concerned, I would go to an RE for testing! You can do some bloodwork and whatnot with you OB, but I would caution you against too many tests. REs are picky and usually like to do their OWN tests, so if you go all gung ho with your OB GYN, then you may end up paying to repeat tests with your RE.
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  • I'm so sorry for your losses. One thing people told me (probably @dpjennifer and she was right), was not to do testing through my OB, but to have an RE do it. Well, when my OB offered tests, I let her do them. When I finally went to an RE, she couldn't figure out why they'd done any of the tests they'd done (besides thyroid). So it was a complete waste of time and money since my insurance isn't covering all of it. If you can go to an RE (you don't need a referral, but you'll likely be paying out of pocket) do your testing there. An RE will know exactly what tests to run.
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    Thanks for the kind words. I wish none us were here but good to have a space like this for the support. And thanks for the suggestion about the RE. It's so frustrating that even in this situation insurance is unlikely to cover the tests, so definitely smart that I do them once with the RE specialist. Thanks again for taking the time to welcome me and share your thoughts. 
  • pnaemi  Good Luck!  If you have any questions about the types of tests you may encounter, let me know... but some RE's do more than others, and they will definitely walk you through them all.
  • Welcome and I’m so sorry for your losses! I would definitely second going to a RE if you would like to have testing done. Hopefully your time here will be short but you’ll definitely find the support you’re looking for! 
  • @dpjennifer if you have some info to share on types of tests I'd like to hear them. I want to be prepared having done a bit of homework to advocate for myself. What I've read so far is to do a thyroid test, hormone (progesterone is the one I kept reading about), and possibly some proteins but I know the least about that. I also read that it's possible to do some chromosomal testing for both me and my partner. It sounds expensive and I wonder if I'd rather wait on that one unless there is another loss. My ears are open though to suggestions. Thanks for being willing to share. 
  • @pnaemi I'm sorry for your losses. 

    Have you checked into your insurance yet? My insurance covers IF diagnostic but has certain requirements for covering treatment. DHs insurance covers diagnostic but not treatment. I would definitely look into it. I wouldn't wait either. Loss is heartbreaking and I wish I would have gotten the testing at my second and not waited for the 3rd (LC so my OB was a bit more hesitant to beleive something is going on). I can tell you that I had a plethora of tests run so far. I have pics of my paperwork so you can see what was run (in spoiler) on me. DH has some but mostly to check for STDs and then his chromosomes.

  • @prpl11butterfly thanks so much for the insight! I really appreciate you sharing all of that with me. I am so sorry about your losses and wish you strong positive vibes for a better outcome as you TTC again. Thank you, again! Seriously, everyone has been so helpful. 
  • @pnaemi I’m so sorry for your losses and that you find yourself here. RPL is so hard.

    I second going to an RE now if you are able, that way you can find out sooner what may or may not be going on. I went after two MMC they did a full workup of testing for everything: AMH, FSH, thyroid, immune disorders, hysteroscopy, HSG (there may have been more, can’t remember all of them). It was nice to know I didn’t have any medical issues other than a blocked tube, though the verdict that being AMA it’s likely just an egg quality issue and we dealing with the chromosomal lottery was a bit frustrating.

    All the best in your TTC journey, happy to answer any questions you have.
  • My OB ran a bunch of tests after 3 losses and everything came back ok. Then I went to a natutopath and she ordered more tests. This is when I found my cardiolipins were elevated which means my blood clots and stops the blood flow through the placenta. I'm sure OB's can and will test for that but in my situation, it was overlooked. I'm now on baby aspirin daily and then Heparin shots if I get ku. 
  • How long after your first miscarriage did you try to conceive again? I was told that you can get pregnant right away after a miscarriage, but having a period before TTC again can be helpful to build up the endometrial lining and to also have a point of aging the pregnancy.
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  • Doctor told me to wait until I had one cycle.  I’ve had 3 MC and never got pregnant right after MC.   Cycles can be wonky for a bit after a MC so timing can be off.  It took me about 9 months after each but I’m going on over a year with this last one and still not knocked up
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    My doctor also told me to wait at least one cycle before trying again, too. I've had two MC and no live births so I am going to advocate for some testing when i meet with my Ob later this month. One of the hardest part with these experiences is the waiting. You get your heart broken with the loss and then its all a waiting game. Wait two weeks to make sure everything passed, hopefully your period will come 2-4 weeks after that and then wait until your ready to try. I want to be the person who is waiting for the arrival of a little one instead. Hope everyone taking some time for self care .I started some acupuncture treatments today. Something to help quiet my mind a bit. 
  • @pnaemi there is a lot of waiting in TTC snd much more in TTCAL. I hope your doc doesn't fight you (and considering no LB i suspect they won't) for testing.

    Also, I just want to point out that your comment "I get pregnant everytime we try" is a little in poor taste. Simply saying getting pregnant isnt an issue will paint the same picture. Many of us go months and years without even getting a BFP to try and have hope of keeping. We try to refrain from hurting others (I do know that this was absolutely not your intent) whenever we can. 
  • @prpl11butterfly thanks for pointing that out. Definitely, not my intent and absolutely something to be mindful about. My apologies, and my gratitude for pointing it out. I've edited as not to bring harm to others. 
  • pnaemi Sorry it took me forever to respond. I'm a furloughed fed and haven't been on the forums much lately!  I wasn't purposefully ignoring you...

    Anyway, I had a bunch of bloodwork done first. Everything from A1C (sugar) to Vitamin D to other things (I have the list somewhere, but it's a ton).  
    They did the hsg (blue dye) test to make sure the uterine cavity and tubes were all clear and good to go. 
    Mine had a questionable spot so I had a saline sonogram, which came back clear.
    I had an endometrial biopsy for my progesterone test (I know they also test progesterone other ways as well).
    I had a test for ureaplasma as well as some other infection type. 
    They also did some sort of test thing where they went in and counted how many follicles I had. 

    DH had a sperm analysis and bloodwork.  

    Um, I think that was it?  I'll add if I think of anything else!
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