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Positive and then negative test with some bleeding

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Hi. I'm new here and totally clueless about all of this. My last period was November 13 (today is December 24). My period is never over 2 weeks late. I was ovulating and believe I may have conceived on November 25. I had light spotting on November 27. On December 4 my progesterone was tested at 70. On December 17-19th I had positive pregnancy tests at home and at the doctors. On December 20th I had blood tests with high b12, high platelets, high Eosinophils, and HCG of just 260. Today I have had slight bleeding (not enough to stain my underwear- just on the toilet paper). I also had 2 negative pregnancy tests today. I've never been pregnant before. Not sure what my next step should be... wait it out? Is it possible that menopause can cause these symptoms (I'm 38) or is it a miscarriage? Should I go to the hospital and ask for an ultrasound or just wait it out and see if I have more bleeding? Thanks in advance. Hopefully this all makes sense. 

Re: Positive and then negative test with some bleeding

  • I’d definitely call your doctor and get in for another HCG count. 
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  • No need to run to the emergency room ( unless directed by an on call dr. from your office or you are massively bleeding).  All they will say is that you may have a missed miscarriage and to see your regular doctor and will cause more stress.  

    Have you recently had sex? If so your cervix is very suseptable to bleeding as it's more irritable at this time, and could be the cause of bleeding.  The bleeding could be normal it may not.  

    I personally would stop taking pregnancy tests, call my doctors nurse line, the next time they are open, explain your situation and let them tell you what to do.  Not much else you can do, except to wait.  

    Sorry you are going through this.
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