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9 week visit- no HB on doppler

Had my first appointment with my OB yesterday after being released by the feetility clinic. I was dissapointed when she didnt do an ultrasound but she tried getting the heartbeat on doppler and nothing.. now Im freaking out and second guessing our plans to tell our families on christmas our big news. At 7 weeks it had a nice heartbeat of 136... any cause to worry?? 

Re: 9 week visit- no HB on doppler

  • My OB wouldn't even try a doppler until 11/12 weeks. Before that it was transvaginal u/s only. 
    Not saying there isn't anything to worry about. It was just always my understanding that it's very difficult to get a good hb on doppler that early. 
    Hope everything is ok.
  • Yeah, I’m not sure why they did that. Attempting a doppler at 9 weeks is a recipe for unnecessary stress. It’s a crappy situation they put you in. I’m sorry. But I wouldn’t consider it to be a true indicator of what’s going on with baby. TW While losses do sometimes happen after cardiac activity has started, they aren’t very common.
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    Seriously, they did a doppler at 9 weeks?  Did they tell you ahead of time that they may not be able to hear anything? What did they say to you when they didn't hear anything? 

     Typically doppler doesn't start until at least 11/12 weeks.  If your fertility clinic got a heartbeat at 7 weeks, I honestly would go by that and find a different OB office or switch doctors in that office (unless they gave you a heads up ahead of time and reassured you).  Sorry that they ate putting you through this.  
  • My midwife did a Doppler, at my insistence at 9+2 but warned me it wasn’t likely to pick anything up. She tried for a few minutes and didn’t get anything. I bought my own at home Doppler a week later and found the HB myself at just shy of 11 weeks. I know it’s hard but try not to worry, 9 weeks is super early to hear anything on a Doppler 
  • My midwife was able to find the heartbeat pretty easily around the 9-10 week mark, but she did say before trying that it's not unusual to not be able to find it at that point, and it's not necessarily a concern if she couldn't. 
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