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HCG concern

Hey everyone I had a faint positive with an HPT on Monday. The line got a bit darker on Tuesday but not getting any darker since. 

I had some light spotting yesterday which has gone away but I asked for serial HCG to be drawn. 

I was 11-12 DPO yesterday and my HCG was 51 which is on the low end so the nurse said we would have to see what happens on Saturday with the second draw. 

I know I can’t do anything but wait and see, but just wondering other people’s experiences with this?

Re: HCG concern

  • I don't know why you think 51 is on the low end for 11-12 dpo. Anything over 5 is a positive, and the level itself isn't nearly as important as the rate of doubling. 

    Check this site for reference: https://www.betabase.info/chart/basic/single

    FWIW my HCG was 28 at 10-11 DPO, and I now have a healthy 8 month old. 

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  • Agree with PP.  Also, the darkness of a line doesn't mean much - a line is a line.
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