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2nd Trimester

Does how much your baby moves change?

I'm currently in week 19, and I have felt fetal movement.  A lot of it, in fact.  However, yesterday, the amount decreased and today, we've only had a few pokes and jostles.  Compared to the synchronized swimming Olympics we had before, it's just jarring.  I know that you don't have to worry about kick counting or anything until later, but should I be concerned? Is baby just going for a big nap? I'm just a worry-wort!

Re: Does how much your baby moves change?

  • Yes, it can vary. If you're concerned, you should call your medical person. 
  • It's only after 28 weeks that they say you really need to count fetal movement.  You said you still feeling movement, just not as much.  Call your doc if you're concerned.
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  • Remember baby still has a lot of room, depending on how baby is positioned you may or may not feel movement.  I was told you dont worry about the ability to feel fetal movement until around 28 weeks, when "kick counts" begin.  Yet, my doctor said any movement you feel is movement.  If concerned jrink a glass of juice and lay on your feet side.  
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