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Thin endometrium

I have a very complicated fertility history. I am 35 years old. I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was around 16. I had menstrual cycles that were very heavy and irregular (per my mom's memory). I was put on birth control around 18 years old. I was on several kinds. My menstrual cycles were short but regular during this time. When I was 31 years old, I stopped ,my birth control. I never got a return of my periods. I went to many fertility specialists. Nothing major came of the workups. I was told I had PCOS but was not insulin sensitive or overweight so did not fit the typical profile. I had an HSG done that showed my fallopian tube was blocked. In April of 2016 I had it removed and a D&C done. I was told I had a septum that was corrected during this surgery. They also saw white calcium like deposits but they didn't know what it was. I was tried on clomid and injectable medications with unsuccessful IUIs. I went back to OR for D&C in November of 2016. At this time my pathology came back with small area of adenocarincoma of endomentrium and complex hyperplasia with atypia. I saw a GYN oncologist. I was started on Megace (was on it for over a year). I had several endometrial biopsies and D&Cs during treatment. The cancer had went away by I still have the complex hyperplasia (no atypia supposedly). I had an IUD inserted for about 6 months awhile during my treatment. Finally after everything in April of this year the doctor said I can start IVF. I went through egg retrieval and have 2 normal embryos frozen. My estrogen level rose to 3000 (approximately) but my lining was not responding (was only about 3mm). We tried other forms of estrogen- pill, vaginal, patch and my lining never made it about 4mm. I also had a few treatments of acupuncture during this time. Now I am going through another IVF cycle to retrieve more eggs. My fertility doctor says I am a puzzle. To this day, I never had a return of my period. My LH was high at the beginning of this IVF cycle so my doctor thinks my issue has to do with my PCOS not hypothalamic amenorrhea. She thinks I have unresponsive uterine lining from a cellular level (maybe genetic or due to the surgeries and biopsies I went through). She is strongly recommending that we use a gestational carrier. For financial and emotional reasons that has been hard for me to accept. Has anyone out there have a similar experience to mine? Looking for a glimmer of hope. Thanks in advance!
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