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Non-alcoholic substitutions

Maybe I'm a lush but I'm getting to the point in my pregnancy where I'm super sad I can't have an adult beverage. I watched my wife and mother with deep envy and resentment as they downed bottle after bottle of prosecco at our family Christmas party this weekend while I sipped a La Croix. NOT satisfying.
So I'm wondering what - if anything - you've discovered that takes some of the pain away, particularly during the holidays when delicious libations abound and we can't partake at all. Glorious dark beers, complex red wines, eggnog with a shot of Maker's Mark, bubbly champagne at New Years... *weep*
I found a near-beer that's okay. It's made by Guinness and it's called Kaliber. If it's super cold it kind of tastes like a Coors Light. It's acceptable relative to the other crap on the market like O'Doole's.
Please share any drink ideas that make the holidays feel more festive and fun! I'm normally fine with not drinking but not when everyone else around me is getting tipsy and I can't participate :bawling: Thank goodness I won't be KU in the summer - I love summer drinks soooooooo much and it was miserable watching everyone else drink them without me during my last pregnancy.

Re: Non-alcoholic substitutions

  • This is very summery and not at all in the spirit of the holidays, but a cocktail bar by me makes a GREAT virgin blueberry mojito.  It feels like a nice cocktail when you have to muddle some ingredients instead of just pouring seltzer from a can.  I asked them what they thought the best cocktail was to have sans alcohol and they that one was a no-brainer.  

    I also find that Moscow Mules can be good without alcohol because the ginger beer is at least interesting/different.  I know none of this comes close to a really good red wine.

    When I go out to dinner with my husband the rule is he gets to drink but I get to pick what one of his drinks so I can steal a sip 😉
  • I had a kombucha the other day and the effervescent tang hit the spot. It reminded me of a mix between a sour beer and an alcoholic cider. It was apple flavored. I wish I could remember the brand name. [Of course, after I drank it, I read about how pregnant women shouldn't drink kombucha because 1. trace alcohol 2. unpasteurized and 3. caffeine.]
    I was fine without alcohol during my last pregnancy, but I am also missing the holiday spirits this time around. Mulled wine, eggnog, and hot buttered rum. I know I can have a glass of wine soon after birth, but I'm not going to drink eggnog in May :tongue:
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  • Dude, @wishiwaspreggo I actually specifically avoided being pregnant in the summer for that EXACT reason. I wish I could help you, but I feel the exact same way. I will say that I will drink 2 ounces of a good wine or champagne a week at an event if it's being poured, but I won't let myself ever open a bottle. After 20 weeks, I will allow myself to up that to half a glass of something a week. Though I will say in the 3rd trimester last time, I had no urge to drink at all DH is pretty good about sticking to whiskey in my presence- since I never drink that and never have an urge. He would prefer I don't drink AT ALL, but will not say anything if I stick to my plan above. 
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    I should mention that DH doesn't drink nor do many in his family (recovering alcoholics), so it's not like I'm surrounded by temptation. And it makes it so much easier! If I had to watch him imbibe, I might be bummed.
    Me: 36 & DH: 40
    Married: November 2015
    DD 10/19/2016
    BFP:  8/20/2018 - EDD 5/4/2019
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    Pimms Cup mocktail is delicious and pretty, though it is summery. I throw ice and a few slices of cucumber in a glass, then pour ginger beer and sparkling lemonade over it. You want the cucumber flavor to be part of the drink! Garnish with a few slices of strawberry and an orange slice if you’re feeling fancy. Drink with a straw! 

    I dont know any mocktails that are holiday specific. I’m happy drinking plain eggnog 🤷🏻‍♀️
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  • Plain eggnog with maybe some additional spice might help. Or a mulled cider?

    I really expected to be wanting a glass of wine but so far I haven't been tempted at all. I even tried nonalcoholic wine before I got pregnant, which I thought was disgusting and do not recommend.

    I did drink a glass of plain eggnog the other night and baby was kicking up a storm so that was pretty exciting!
  • Virgin caesars are my go-to drink these days.  I find them as satisfying as the alcoholic version.  I also like mulled cider.  I've never been a fan of non-alcoholic beers or wines so I just don't even bother with those.  Sparkling cider is sometimes nice for a festive drink too.
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  • It's pretty sugary so I use it as a special treat (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and I actually brought it to a Christmas party I went to that was also part beer exchange - lots of beverages abounding) - Martinelli's sparkling cider. I drink it in a champagne flute if that's what others are having, too.

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  • Thanks ladies!! I do allow myself a little of the real deal after I hit 30 weeks. So I only have 3.5 months of total abstinence left. And after the holidays I'll be less pissy about it anyway. I don't care if my wife has a glass of wine at home or beer or whatever but it irritates me when I'm at a party or gathering and everyone else is visibly having WAY more fun than I am. In fact, I forced my family to skip our annual beer festival trip to Wisconsin :\ I couldn't bear paying $50 to walk around a beer tent and watch my wife and parents have a blast while I abstain.
  • A restaurant near me does a great virgin strawberry daiquiri. I’m so glad for a summer baby, we’re planning a sip and see for when baby is 6ish weeks old and having a mimosa bar. It’ll be kind of mid-morning/brunchy. I’m so looking forward to it, I don’t even have words. Mimosas all day everyday.  :D 
  • I love bloody marys and the virgin version doesn’t taste all that different, thankfully!
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  • O'Douls is pretty refreshing if you're craving a beer! 

    I'm also planning to have a half glass of red at Christmas dinner. :)
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  • I second the sparkling cider. I'll also plan to have a half a glass of prosecco at Christmas and new years. I've been surprised that I haven't been feeling many cravings for wine/cider/beer
  • I'm surprised I haven't been missing having a drink every now and again this pregnancy. I do like to have sparkling cider when we're at family
    get togethers. I also remember having mommymosas at mommy con when I was pregnant last time. I think it was sparkling grape juice with orange juice maybe? Not too bad;) 
  • I haven’t been missing alcoholic beverages much this time around and I didn't last time either, thankfully. I have had two beers thus far though, Leinenkugel Shandy beers, so they are lower alcohol content, but neither of them I finished nor did I drink the amount I did all that fast. They both took me over two hours to sip! I just have zero cravings for adult beverages. 

    I have been thinking about this topic though and I’ve always been a huge fan of hot cocoa with schnapps. I’ll likely make hot cocoa and add a peppermint stick to it or add an orange slice to make it a bit different.
  • @poshspice
    The first few, I was like 'meh. I can mix some bubbly water with juice, nothing special.' But then there were a few that looked really intriguing! I saved it to my bookmarks.
    Me: 36 & DH: 40
    Married: November 2015
    DD 10/19/2016
    BFP:  8/20/2018 - EDD 5/4/2019
  • when I go out, I always ask for mocktails with ginger, I find they feel like such a treat I don’t mind not getting the alcohol. I bought a bottle of non alcoholic wine but i haven’t tried it yet. For home, fresh ginger (lots), simple syrup with herbs (rosemary or anything you like), and club soda on ice 
  • I've never drank so it doesn't bother me, I'm used to people being tipsy around me. My go to when I'm out is ginger ale and cranberry. I LOVE sour mix and soda water which I'm sure others think is odd but I really love sour candy/drinks so I'm all about it. In the summer I like virgin mint juleps, I have a delicious recipe. I absolutely cannot stand sparkling cider anymore. @poshspice I need to try that drink, it sounds amazing!

  • Oh, I also like plain eggnog (granted I've never had alcoholic) and mulled cider. Yum.

  • One of my favourites lately has been orange juice with a bit of gingerale added to it. Its sparkly and delicious. It's nice to have something "special" to drink during the holidays!
  • @DuchessOfCambridge will you share your mint julep recipe? I love the idea of one, and I love mint tea, but I do not love the taste of bourbon...
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  • @brie_and_almonds

    I made it for a Kentucky Derby party and it was a hit even with alcoholic options available!

  • @DuchessOfCambridge that looks really good! I love mint. Especially in my water with lemon.

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  • Thanks @nmbrcrnchr1!! That sounds amazing but sadly I am in Indiana 😭 I found a list of good NA beers but they’re all brewed in small breweries in Germany and only distributed to large cities. Midwestern pregnant chicks get the shaft again. I did find something decent - Buckle NA is similar to Heineken (sane makers I believe) and I had a couple yesterday. It tasted close enough that if I bought some for Christmas I’ll be less cranky. While I LOVE the buzz of a good beer, it’s really more the flavor I miss. Especially with a meal.
  • Do you guys think mulled wine would be good with non alcoholic wine? I've never had the NA stuff, but I hear it's nasty. Wonder if mulling it would be good 
  • @spaceburger Now that I think about it, I feel like the mulled wine experience is mostly the warmth and the spices, so I bet a mulled apple cider would be just as good! I've never had NA wine either, but I imagine I'd be disappointed, and it's not cheap, so I figure I'll save my money.
    Me: 36 & DH: 40
    Married: November 2015
    DD 10/19/2016
    BFP:  8/20/2018 - EDD 5/4/2019
  • Mulled cider would be delicious. Hoping for maybe less sweet with the NA wine, but I don't know if it just tastes like juice?
  • I've had NA wine before and I didn't love it. According to my friends who do drink, it tastes like wine but they didn't feel they needed to drink that taste without the buzz part :lol:

  • I read that adding bitters to NA beer/wine cuts the sweetness just enough to make it taste more “real.” I realize bitters have alcohol though :/ but if it’s just a dash (not even a teaspoon) surely that wouldn’t be so bad, right? I heard good things about Sutter Home Fre Brut. I’m usually too snooty for Sutter Home (hello vinegar) but I’ll bend for good reviews.
  • I read that adding bitters to NA beer/wine cuts the sweetness just enough to make it taste more “real.” I realize bitters have alcohol though :/ but if it’s just a dash (not even a teaspoon) surely that wouldn’t be so bad, right? I heard good things about Sutter Home Fre Brut. I’m usually too snooty for Sutter Home (hello vinegar) but I’ll bend for good reviews.
  • @SpaceBurger I tried NA wine at the beginning and it was definitely not for me.  They try to make it taste normal, but it just has an odd taste.  I do however like the new Welches mocktails.  They have a sangria one that actually tastes like sangria to me!  
  • @wishiwaspreggo Going to try your bitters trick at our holiday open house tomorrow with my Welches sparkling wine. Will let you know how it goes. As for FRE- it;'s eh. For me, I'd rather just drink LaCroix than the fake wines, but if your bitters trick works- I'm trying it out! 
  • Bitters and soda is the best cure for nausea. THE BEST. 
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