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2nd Trimester

Normal aches or kidney infection??

I see my doctor Tuesday so I will definitely ask her then, but in the meantime I am just looking for some input since I can't find much on Google.  
I am 20w5d and for the past few days I have had  a soreness on my left.  It is below my ribs but above my hip. It almost feels like a kidney infection did before I got pregnant.  But the pain is more on my side than in my back.  
My question is..  Do your kidneys move when your other organs do in order to make room for baby?  And if so would I feel a kidney infection as flank pain rather than back pain? 
Or could this be just normal pregnancy aches and pains??  I know (most of)  you ladies aren't doctors,  and I will ask mine on Tuesday,  just looking for some advice since this is my first pregpregnancy. 
Thank you ladies in advance! 
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