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2nd Trimester

I miss being able to poop lol

RIP to being able to take a comfortable bowel movement. It feels so weird to have a baby in my stomach and trying to push. Anyone else have to get in weird positions to go?

Re: I miss being able to poop lol

  • Never had any issues....if you are constipated take some fiber one.
  • I have issues with fiber drinks and pills, so I’ve been taking fiber gummies for a few months and I’m super regular now. Fiber seems to do the trick for most people. 
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  • Magnesium is another poop helper.
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  • I find it weird that my LO wants to kick me while I'm pooping. Hahaha. Usually I eat a cereal with a banana or a yummy oatmeal to get a lot of fiber intake. That helps move things along for me. I too miss pooping like a human. It's like I'm part rabbit or something now. 

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  • I am 20w and I have been having uncomfortable bowl movements basically since week 1. I eat a ton of fruit and greens daily (no issues with appetite). In the recent weeks I’ve been eating prunes in my oatmeal every morning and it’s helped a bit, but I am still not going regularly and when I do it’s never comfortable :(
  • I've actually found that increasing fiber makes me more constipated. Decreasing fiber resulted in daily, easy bowel movements. 
  • Ugh this has been my problem too. I forgot that I usually go to the toliet one a day for a bowel movement. Its more like every 3 days for an actual movement. Doc says its fine though so I am not worried. 
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