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Hi all, just thought I would post this and see if anyone had any advice or stories to share in regards to MFI and/or PICSI. 
Our back story is that we just went through our first round of IVF. I responded fairly well, retrieved 10 mature eggs, 7 fertilized with ICSI. But after day 3, things started to go awry. We ended up with 1 making it to blast, and graded at 3BC, so not great. 
With our follow up with our RE, they feel that our issue is definitely related to our MFI, and not with the egg quality. MH has a 2% morphology, but also a 73% Acrosome defect, which is why we did ICSI. 

Moving forward we are looking at making some lifestyle changes and will hopefully make some improvements before looking at doing another round of IVF. Given our numbers, the option of using a donor was thrown out there for consideration. Obviously, our preference is to avoid this if at all possible. 

A lovely friend mentioned PICSI (thanks friend), as a possible option for our particular situation. But this is something completely new to me and not something that our clinic up in Canada do. Not even sure if any clinics here in Canada do it. My question is, has anyone done PICSI? If so, what was your experience, where did you do it? And all of the above. 

Thanks in advance and sending everyone positive vibes and luck!
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Dx: MFI low morph; Acrosome defect
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  • @nitnat007 Sorry, I am not familiar with PICSI, I don't even think my clinic does it. But my husband has less than 1% morphology and saw a urologist that specializes in MFI. He did a DNA fragmentation test on him and DH liked having his own doctor that could help him along the way- as opposed to the RE who didn't really have urological knowledge other than SA numbers. Has your husband seen a urologist yet? 
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