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Ultrasound at 4 weeks 4 days - Didn’t see anything?

Hi all!  I am about 4 weeks 4 days and I had an early transvaginal ultrasound, my doctor does one at every visit.  They didn’t see anything yet, not even the sac - but didn’t seems worried?  Should I be worried?  Has anyone else experienced this?  My HCG levels were only 180 on Saturday and the US was yesterday.  Ang help would be appreciated :))

Re: Ultrasound at 4 weeks 4 days - Didn’t see anything?

  • I understand the trepidation. If your doc is not alarmed, don't be. They've seen many more pregnancies! 
  • Very normal. I couldn’t see anything at 5w2d with my first.
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  • rachelredheadrachelredhead member
    edited January 2022
    I’m sorry you had that experience. I’m not sure why they did an ultrasound at that stage and HCG number, seems way too early. If you’re doctor isn’t concerned, try to rely on that and look forward to your next visit. 

    ETA: just realized the original post is from 2018. Eye roll. Why do folks bump these things? The original poster is clearly not waiting around for additional answers 3 years later. 😂
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