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New Here *insert sarcastic yay* (child mentioned)


Im Kelli. Teetering dangerously close to 30, my husbands 31, and we’ve got issues. 98% reproductive issues but sometimes he uses the last of the coffee creamer and that’s an issue too. I’ve got PCOS and he’s got 2% good sperm, so we really excel at the whole baby making thing. 

*child mentioned*

We’ve got almost 4 year old fraternal twin girls from our last fight with infertility (BMB March ‘15) that are literally the best ever. We’ve also got 4 dogs because I used to work in rescue and hate my sanity. (Just kidding, they’re great too!)

Weve been trying this time around about 7/8 months now with no success. This last month was our first pmedicated cycle. Femera, ovidril, etc. Low dose on the ovidril just to see where we’re at. I had two follicles ready on one side, none on the other. Low and behold, AF showed this morning. We go in Thursday for another baseline U/S to start over. 

All that to say, I hate that anyone has to be here, but here we are. I hope to get to know some of you but also hope no one has to be here long❤️

Re: New Here *insert sarcastic yay* (child mentioned)

  • I find it so frustrating when we were doing low dose meds and not seeing any results. I know it’s best practices, but I wanted to turn up the meds to max in the hope it would make things go faster (but it wouldn’t). I have irregular cycles plus DH has only 1% sperm the right shape. We just graduated to IVF + ICSI and I’m doing my first transfer later this month. We don’t have kids, but our two dogs are always a good distraction from the situation. Wishing you luck with your treatments!
  • I couldn’t agree more, my husband and I were just talking about “why not up the doses to speed things along”, knowing that’s not the case! Good luck with your IVF, sending alllll the sticky baby dust your way! Report back how things go!
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