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Appointments week of 12/10

Let's hear some updates!

Re: Appointments week of 12/10

  • Just had my 16 week appt and the Doppler did not pick up the HB, raising my blood pressure and the Drs. She broke out the ultrasound machine and we got to see the baby moving around and kicking like crazy! Soooo big! Getting my AFP blood draw.

    All good. I feel these 2nd trimester appts are so anticlimactic - not much going on. 
  • @chloe97 we were at our 16 week appts at the same time! All good here as well. I ALSO freaked for a bit because my OB was having a bit of trouble getting the HB but she kept reassuring me it can take time because of the positioning. She did get it, and it was a nice 145.

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  • Why does appointment day go by sooo slowly!? Anatomy scan scheduled at 215 and I cannot wait to find out if I've got another little boy in there or a little girl. 3 more slooowww hours to go. 
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    @fuscok88 I was thinking "oh cool, we're in the same time zone" then remembered we're in the same state 😂 (or close)
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    16 week appointment on this upcoming Monday at 17+1 just happy to have to possibility of seeing LO again!
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  • A/S today and everything looked good. It took forever for them to get everything since the baby wasn't cooperating with profile shots and a few others. I wrote a note to my OB b/c the doctor's recommendations on 2 things seemed VERY conservative (activity level with a stable SCH and just offhand mentioned BF and she said I needed to wean). My OB and pediatrician, who are both on the conservative side (but I'm seeing there are more extremes) both said BFing was fine while pregnant - for me and DD. Semi-appointment related but the pediatrician on Monday was thrilled we were pregnant for DD's development (having a sibling). 

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    @kvh22 Glad that the a/s was good! Sorry the MFM was so conservative. Curious if he/she had reasons behind weaning. Like are your specific nutrient levels low or was he just making a general recommendation?

     Also, find it strange that the pediatrician would say anything about having a sibling in relationship to your DDs development. I don’t think there’s any official AAP recommendations on siblings or birth spacing. I know there has been a lot of research about birth spacing as it relates to the woman’s health and birth outcomes. For example that study that just came out saying AMA moms should wait at least 12, but preferably 18 months between pregnancies (oops).
  • @chloe97 nutrient levels are fine (so far) and she didn't even have access to that info. Her reasoning with the weaning was specifically because of contractions caused by the hormones produced when breastfeeding. I am admittedly at risk for preterm labor - but in discussing it with my OB at my last visit, she said ANY bleeding during pregnancy puts you at a <2% risk of PTL (could be <1%, depending on the study) and that the SCH doesn't actually increase the risk more than that. I couldn't tell but it seemed like that was just her recommendation to all pregnant women (like @Sketner610 's doctor). The MFM OB also said that they're not sure the milk has enough nutrients while pregnant - while in conversations with the ped, (I specifically asked if I should give more milk in case/when I dry up) and she said just increase overall sources of calcium whether that's cheese, yogurt, milk, or plant sources.

    WRT the siblings, I kind of got the feeling my ped was "pro" siblings. She made a comment about infants smiling/laughing earlier if they have an older sibling, that was really it. I'm pretty sure it's anecdotal that she's positive about it, and it may even just be social aspects or w/e. She did go against the AAP recommendations with the sleep in the same room at least 6 months recommendation so that's not necessarily her bible (she also told me no caffeine while BFing). And I was told by my OB to wait 12 months at a minimum to try to get pregnant but that fertility is increased within 18 months PP, so that was kind of the sweet spot. I literally got pregnant at 12 months and 3 days PP.

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  • @chloe97 if it helps, I was 27 when I had DS (28 now) and I was still told to wait 18 months to fully heal. Lol by 18 months there'll be another 😆

  • Ha @DuchessofCambridge- we had an “oops” when DD was 9 months old which ended in a CP and we would have been in the same boat as you guys. I was freaking out for the 2 days I thought I was pregnant and emailed my OB bc she told me to wat 12 months bc of my csection. She was like “oh no biggie.” So I guess the risk of placenta previa wasn’t that much greater. When I saw her a month later for my annual, she gave us the green light to start trying at 10 months, in fact she gave me a pep talk that I needed to start trying right away bc I was 39. We waited until summer was over because I didn’t want a winter baby. Ha. @kvh22 so sorry about your frustrating day. I was just curious about what your ped said bc for a bit to was sure I wanted to be one and done and did all this research about the effect it would have on DD and I remember hearing that there was like no difference in outcomes, if anything only children fared slightly better. Though I agree that I think DD will ultimately benefit from a sibling. I see my nephew who is an only and he’s so often bored hanging out at family events bc he has no one to play with.
  • @fuscok88 way past 2:15, whaddup?! Everything okay? 
  • @chloe97 I was definitely worried about it so I had a preconception appt and my OB was like nah it's fine, go for it 😂 I thought she'd recommend I wait longer bc C-section too but I guess I healed well!

  • @kvh22 glad the A/s went well. My OB is really conservative too, and while I like that she doesn’t mess around sometimes I think it causes some unnecessary stress. She has been adamant that we wait 2 years after the c sections before trying again. I literally know of no one who was given that timeline, but at the end of the day we waited because I do trust her judgement and we were in no rush. 
  • @Stormiewinter @DuchessOfCambridge the timelines recommended after csections are so varried! I wish there was more consistency to lessen the confusion about it all. 
  • @fuscok88 Congratulations!! 💙💙 That's so exciting! I'm glad all is well, and I'm so happy for you!
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