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1st Trimester


I’m going on almost three weeks of not being able to poop my doctor told me to try stool softeners and miralax but nothing has helped and she doesn’t seem to be to worried about it 

Re: Constipation

  • Have you tried Magnesium Citrate? It's a good pregnancy friendly option. There is a brand called Calm that you can mix with hot water and drink nightly before bed. It can help get things moving in a 2-3 days usually. 
  • 3 weeks without pooping is concerning. 
    July 4th
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  • 3 weeks without pooping is concerning. 
    Absolutely this! 

  • Oh no, you poor thing! I went 5 days without a BM and I was miserable! My doctor has me on 2 Colace pills per day, two doses of Metamucil per day, and 6 ounces of WARM prune juice three times per day. I have started having bms and feel much better. She told me to cut back on the prune juice once it got regular though to avoid dehydration. 
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