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Loss of balance in toddler seems drunk

Searching for answers. My one year old suddenly seemed drunk. Lazy eyes, stumbling and losing balance. She could not even sit up on her own and definitely could not keep balance walking. She also seemed very lethargic. The episode of severe loss of balance and lethargy lasted about 10 minutes. It had somewhat improved when we arrived at urgent care. They gave us no answers. Everything checked out clear. Blood work was done and everything came back normal. She was still not herself the next morning and seemed a little off balance. By three days later she is totally back to herself. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I am so worried. 
1. She didn’t take any medication
2. No fever and had not been sick prior to episode
3. No ear infection 

Re: Loss of balance in toddler seems drunk

  • I know this board is pretty much dead but speaking from personal experience if your child is acting like they are drunk please take them into the e.r. and to see a neurologist. I had an episode of 3 days of my daughter acting funny/ drunk toddler walking to eventually not walking.  They first thought it was her cerebellum that was inflamed from a viral infection. But it was something more serious and rare called Guilliane Barre Syndrome which if not caught early can temporarily paralyze the body usually from feet up. 
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