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Friday Ticker Change 12/7

1. How many weeks are you? What size is baby?

2. How are you feeling?

3. Any appointments this week?

4. Rants/ raves/ questions?

5. GTKY: What are some of your holiday traditions?

Re: Friday Ticker Change 12/7

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    1. How many weeks are you? What size is baby? 32, squash?

    2. How are you feeling? Tired and so sore. I feel like she is going to fall out any minute  I’m also getting pretty anxious about having two kids so soon.

    3. Any appointments this week? Had one on Wednesday. Don’t have another until 12/27 since they wanted to do my Group B strep swab then (fun).

    4. Rants/ raves/ questions? None right now

    5. GTKY: What are some of your holiday traditions? I always watch A Muppets Christmas Carol on Christmas Eve and we usually open one present. I have been doing this since I was a kid and I hope to start it with DD soon. On Christmas morning we always do a big breakfast and then later a dinner with my family. Christmas Eve with have dinner with DH’s parents. 

  • 1. How many weeks are you? What size is baby? 32 weeks- squash! 

    2. How are you feeling? So tired. Between this cold and terrible sleep idk how I’m gonna make it through the day today 

    3. Any appointments this week? Had an appointment Monday, then growth scan. Baby is measuring two weeks ahead already. C/s officially scheduled for 1/25

    4. Rants/ raves/ questions? I have a terrible cold, heartburn has been miserable, and DD was up puking last night with what I’m assuming is a stomach bug. I better not get that stomach bug too or it might put me over the edge 

    5. GTKY: What are some of your holiday traditions?

    We always go to the Columbus zoo lights every year, real Christmas tree is a must, we always go to a few different events each year where we see Santa- busy busy until Christmas! 

  • 1. How many weeks are you? What size is baby? 31 weeks - asparagus

    2. How are you feeling? Up and down - when I feel good I feel great, but when I don't feel good I'm like curled up on the couch dying. 

    3. Any appointments this week? I went in last Tuesday and go back Tuesday the 18th

    4. Rants/ raves/ questions? Not really. Just kind of freaking out about the logistics of solo parenting with two kids. H and I work opposite schedules so it'll be really tough on us both, but as with all things parenting-related, we'll just make it through.

    5. GTKY: What are some of your holiday traditions? SO MANY. DS is too little to understand really (he's just starting to say Santa and get excited about that), but Santa leaves a big sack at our house for when the kids wake up on Christmas Eve and they put some old toys in there for him to take back to the North Pole to fix and give to other kids next year. Then while we're at Christmas Eve church, Santa takes the bag away and drops off two presents - family Christmas jammies and a new Christmas book. We sit in front of the tree with our Christmas jammies on and read our new Christmas book together. Also Santa always requests snickerdoodles and bourbon at my house, because Santa is smart AF. Christmas morning is always at home, then we usually go to my mom's house in the afternoon to make a big Christmas dinner.

  • @nursemom913 You're near Columbus? We're in Athens so a little further away but my kids love the Columbus zoo. I was hoping to get to the lights this year but our schedule is so crazy with wrestling and basketball!
  • 1. How many weeks are you? What size is baby? 29 weeks, acorn squash (I am so the caboose of the Friday gang, I always can't wait to catch up with the rest of you)

    2. How are you feeling? I made it to Italy without incident! My back still kills, but it was doing that before, and I just chugged water the whole time i was on (all 3) planes so feeling pretty accomplished. Also lots of people letting me cut them in line for stuff when they saw I was pregnant. The back thing is no joke though, it's fine when I am sitting or just standing but I basically can't walk because it's so painful on one side of my lower back - I think it might be a nerve thing? 

    3. Any appointments this week? Nope

    4. Rants/ raves/ questions? I think I did enough of that above

    5. GTKY: What are some of your holiday traditions? DH is latino so his family celebrates Christmas on the 24th at midnight, so we stay up for that and open presents (it's going to be a struggle) and then we have 25th breakfast with his family and drive to my family's house to do a whole brunchy Christmas thing over there with my brothe's family as well (my parents live a little over an hour from my in-laws). It's really fun! Unfortunately, this is the last year we'll be doing this because my parents are moving across the I guess we'll have some new traditions to inaugurate with this baby! 

  • @bellebaby221 that’s so fun! Yes we live right outside Columbus! We go to the zoo all the time!! 

  • 1. How many weeks are you? What size is baby?

    32, squash

    2. How are you feeling?

    Blerg, heartburn is terrible.  I’ve been waking up in the night with bile in my throat and then vomiting.  More TMI, but I’m starting to spit blood from how raw my throat is from this.  Talked to doc and I’m going to do Pepcid twice a day and see her on Tues to see how it’s going.

    3. Any appointments this week? Next Tues

    4. Rants/ raves/ questions?  

    Any tips or old timey remedies you guys use for heartburn besides the usuals?

    5. GTKY: What are some of your holiday traditions?

    We do Christmas Eve at my in laws (dinner and then they open all presents at midnight), and then Christmas Day at my parents.  Lots of food, and the extended family leaves around 10PM.  We stay over and have a late night round of Italian cookies and mulled cider with my parents, brother, DH, and pupper in front of the fire.

  • @casperthefriendlybeeb I have these papaya chews I take after every meal that seems to help as well as heartburn tea (both on amazon). For the serious stuff though I use Tums. I am also trying to avoid heartburn triggering food (sugar, processed carbs, pretty much all the tasty stuff) at night. I also try to not eat anything after 6:30. I feel your pain though bc I have definitely had a few nights where I have woken up choking on acid reflux too. 

    @BourbonBiscuits I really like that idea of giving old toys to Santa on Christmas Eve! May have to steal that once the kids are older! 
  • Thanks @allthingsgo - I’ll have to look into the papaya chews and heartburn tea!  I work until 6PM, and then with NJTransit being so unreliable, I don’t get home until 7:30+ most nights.  By the time I eat it’s around 8/8:30.  I still wait to go to sleep for at least an hour and a half but I may need to start eating dinner at work :-(.  Sadly Tums no longer cuts it for me but hoping the Pepcid will help.  I also slept sitting up in a pregnancy pillow fort last night that DH constructed and that was very helpful.
  • 1. How many weeks are you? What size is baby? Acorn squash or a cabbage. 29 wks!

    2. How are you feeling? Tired and achyish. I can't believe how winded I get doing certain things- it's crazy! Oh and the heartburn!

    3. Any appointments this week? Not this week, one in Wednesday.

    4. Rants/ raves/ questions? Anyone else have increased pressure in the vaja and random pain? I was going to ask at my appt to see if I have a UTI but then I was also thinking maybe this is just a thing. 

    5. GTKY: What are some of your holiday traditions? December is so busy for us. Hannukah is low key menorah and latkes- wanted to see my family but NY was too far of a drive. Well spend Xmas with hubs fam.    In between is my bday after is his bday, his sister's birthday, brother and his dad's birthday. Love the idea of donating toys pre receiving them, might need to steal that for hannukah next year :)

  • @casperthefriendlybeeb my heartburn is miserable too. Similar work hours and usually eat late. I’ve been taking Zantac twice a day and it’s been helping! I still did have to sleep sitting up on the couch the other night! I might have to try that tea too! 
  • @casperthefriendlybeeb - do you take a daily preventative? I take Prevacid and it helps so much. Sometimes I still take a chewable before I eat something with tomato sauce.
  • @allthingsgo it’s my favorite tradition because it clears out old junk but ALSO fosters empathy I think. Itll be more impactful when the kids are older
  • 1. 30 weeks, zucchini 
    2. Feeling exhausted. DH was on nights last night so hes sleeping and I’m trying to keep a busy toddler occupied until nap time. Time is crawling by. Also my stomach kills. The skin, not my tummy. Its so painful today! Feels so stretched. 
    3. Appointments: Tuesday I go to my MFM/OB to check the basa previa. Hoping everything is still good. I’m also hoping to schedule my csection date so I know for sure when they are coming! 
    4. I don’t think I have any questions or rants.. 
    5. Traditions: Now that we have a little one were trying to set our own traditions but irs hard. We have so much family stuff from the 22-26 but I out my foot down and said no one is allowed to come by Christmas morning as its our time as a family to do gifts and have a nice breakfast. We also pick out an ornament every year of something significant that happened that year. DH and I started this the year we got our house. 
  • @jgrodo not sure if its what you’re feeling but sometimes I feel like I was kicked in the vag a few times. Pressure I feel but usually its baby squishing my bladder making me need to pee. I’m always good after that. Not sure if its normal..
  • @cali1710 thanks-maybe that's what it is. I don't feel him that much but that makes it just all of sudden came on and I was like what the heck is this!?!
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