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2nd Trimester

Chronic pain HELP!

Hi guys,

I am 19 weeks and have been suffering from severe TMJ since my pregnancy started. My doctors have prescribed me some opioid pain killers in the past, but I HATE taking them. Tylenol is really my only other option, but after about 30 min ,2 xtra strength I am in pain again. 
I basically have to either OD on tylenol or take oxycodone/tramadol.☠
No fun! I hate taking pharmaceuticals in general, and would consider myself somewhat "crunchy".

The pain has lightened up since my first trimester but tonight I am having absolutely unbearable pain in my jaw and ear. I ran out of my prescription meds several weeks ago, and have been mostly dealing with the pain with heat and massage.
I know that the only thing that truly helps is ibuprofen, which of course is a no-no during pregnancy.
My partner insists it's ok (his mom is a nurse and said its fine).
I am reluctant, but desperate.
I cant see one evening of mild pain management doing a world of damage...but I am so torn!

Sincerely a mom of 4 that really needs sleep🤷‍♀️😢
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