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Bedrest/hospital stay/nicu thread


Re: Bedrest/hospital stay/nicu thread

  • @Lbloom Carters just released a new line of preemie clothes that has some really cute stuff! Although I'm guessing your little guy will be out of preemie clothes by the time he comes home. My daughter came home at only 5 lbs but was already too long for most of her preemie size stuff
  • @lemieuxk thanks! DS might not be in NB clothes very long when he gets home! I made the mistake on my birth announcement saying he was 14 in. I don't know where I got that from as he was 17 in at birth, 11 weeks early. He fits in NB size the best and this morning they had a Gerber brand 0-3 on him (although that brand is inherently smaller).
  • You are a rockstar for keeping up that pumping schedule along with all the other demands you’re dealing with right now. So glad he growing like a champ! Just wanted to stop in and send warm thoughts your way. 
  • Hey, haven't seen you in awhile @JLaVO888! Maybe I've just missed you in all the check in threads since I don't do those anymore. Hope everything is going well for you!
  • @lemieuxk are you still in the hospital on bed rest? I was thinking about you and wondering how things are going.

    Can I vent for a moment about how much this sucks?? The impatience is on me today hard!! Gaaaah!
  • @Lbloom you are such a trooper.  I can't imagine being in the position you're in and you seem to be handling everything so well, in spite of the suckage! 
  • @Lbloom yup! Still here. Day 16. There is some possibility that I could go home Monday if little guy looks good on his scan. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high 
  • @Lbloom I’ve for sure been absent-you didn’t miss anything. Between work and toddler and busy holidays I fell off the face of the planet(or the bump). But I try and check in here and there when I can and wanted to send you some love. 
  • @lemieuxk HOORAY!  Keep cooking, LO! 
  • Yay, @lemieuxk! Hang in there, baby! 
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  • Hooray @lemieuxk! Welcome home and keep on cooking that LO.
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  • Yay @lemieuxk!! That’s great! Hope lo hangs tight and keeps on cooking!
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  • Yes!!! Glad to hear it!
  • Yay!! So glad to hear the good news!
  • @purplepirate09 How are you and your little man doing?
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