2nd Trimester

Echogenic Bowel

Hi all, I had my anatomy scan at 19 weeks recently, and the Dr said the ultrasound showed echogenic bowel. Everything else was totally normal, but my husband and I are still very anxious because it increases the probability of Downs. Has anyone else experienced this? I'll have a follow-up ultrasound at my next appointment to see if it's still there, but I was hoping y'all would offer some comforting experiences in the meantime! Thanks so much.

Re: Echogenic Bowel

  • Yes, this happened to me with my 2nd. I was very scared and did the worst thing ever, went home and googled it! Add that to phone calls from nurses wanting to set up genetic counseling appointments, and I was a mess. Rest assured though when I went to my 2 ultrasound with a specialist she found nothing wrong. Still  hope tthough even if she was born with something of concern I wouldn't have loved her less, just better. I hope this helped and wish you the very best. P <3
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