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Plus Sized Pregnancy

Hey everyone! So I am a size 14/16 and I am struggling with so many thoughts of being pregnant and fat that I wanted to start a thread for anyone else having the same worries and concerns. I actually cried when I started looking for pregnancy books because i don't see anything representing a curvier figure, at least this early on. I already have a belly and I really don't want to take weekly bump pictures. Is that bad? I mean I want to take weekly bump pictures but right now it's really just my fat LOL. I also really want to just give in and eat for two but at the same time, I know I need to make sure I don't gain too much weight. I have NO clue how to both diet and be pregnant. It seems almost crazy to wrap my head around. Anyway, I'm trying. How are you doing?
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Re: Plus Sized Pregnancy

  • Oh! And I'm so bloated already that nothing fits. I'm wearing my best sweats to work.
    Me: 35 <3 H: 40 <3 FTM!!
    Started TTC in November 2018
    BFP on 11/28/18; EDD 8/04/19

  • @beccibump it's not bad for you to not want to take bump pictures—you do whatever makes YOU the most comfortable. I am the heaviest I've ever been beginning a pregnancy at 206 pounds; size 18/20. I'm not thrilled about it, but losing weight while pregnant is obviously not something one aspires to do! I'm trying to make decent food choices (morning sickness makes that tough) and stick to a gym routine. Just remember to be kind to yourself and don't compare yourself to other mamas. I also have a belly and I actually have a "B" belly, so until baby pops really well I don't get the cute, round bump. (Usually between 22-25 weeks for me.) It's really easy to compare yourself to the maternity models, Instagram moms, and teensy cute baby bumps but remember that you are BEAUTIFUL. You are growing a person. Your body is doing amazing things!

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    Size 16/18, third child and I hold a lot of my weight in my stomach so I know how you feel. But I love being pregnant and having a baby belly instead of just chub once the bump pops. 

    This is is the heaviest starting weight for a pregnancy so my goal is to not gain/very minimal gain. I only gained 12lbs in my last pregnancy but could have been healthier and have high hopes for this pregnancy to be healthier. 
  • @beccibump Don't worry about the bump pics, I didn't take them until the last couple months of my last pregnancy and don't plan on doing them this time either! I'm a 16 and just want to not gain this time around and exercise more. 
  • Heyo, def didn't lose all the weight I wanted to before baby#2 :(  With baby #1 I actually felt more attractive than I did before and after pregnancy.  Once i actually started showing and wearing maternity clothes I felt good (unless I was sitting then I just felt like a  huge blob).  I am about 10lbs heavier to start this go around, I am praying I get the same feeling, though it took about 20 weeks to show.  I loved doing weekly bump pics.

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    I was a size 14/16 my first pregnancy and was the heaviest I'd ever been up to that point. Even though I was plus size, my belly was relatively flat and I started showing early, carrying large my entire pregnancy.
    Now, I'm a size 18. I've been working on losing the weight I've gained since having Pickle, but it's been very challenging. Losing weight while pregnant is not a good idea, so this is a great time for you (and me!) to focus on having the healthiest pregnancy possible. This doesn't mean never indulging a craving. Treats are okay in moderation. But focus on incorporating good, wholesome foods into your diet and regular exercise into your routine. Your body will thank you for it! My midwife reminded me that "eating for two" really means adding a few hundred extra calories, not overindulging in whatever we want. I think that's good to keep in mind.
    If you don't want to take bump pictures, don't, but try to be proud of your beautiful body. It's going to do really amazing things in the next several months!
  • With my second, I was a size 16. At my 2w appointment, I'd lost all but 2lbs of the baby weight. By my 6w, I'd lost it and then some. But, I still haven't lost my tummy and eventually accepted I'll always have Left Over H-Man as my mom calls it. On the upside, the girls are fantastic! My goal is to have the same this pregnancy. At 41, I know my skin definitely won't bounce back like it did at 19, or even 35.
  • I'm currently a 16/18 after putting on 10 lbs recently. I'm sincerely concerned about putting on too much weight, so I'm going hard on a plant based diet atm. Still eating meat, but limited amounts, and when I do, it's chicken and fish. My goal isn't to lose weight, but to gain an okay amount while making sure the baby gets tons of nourishment.

    I'm totally taking bump pics with my fat behind. So what if it's nothing but chub until week 12-15? These pictures are for me to feel good about ☺️
  • I don't even know what size I am because I never stopped wearing maternity clothes from my last pregnancy! Lol. In my defense, it's only been 6 months. But I'm also still not back down to my pre pregnancy weight which is tough. I'm going to try and be as healthy as possible with this one so I'm not trying to lose double weight next year.

    Also I will say I found pregnancy to be a super body positive experience for me and ended up loving my bump pics, especially after I started showing. Hopefully you'll feel the same way! 
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