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Normal HCG and Progesterone levels??

Hello everyone!

I'm new here. (: I just got the results back from a blood draw for my HCG and progesterone at 5weeks 1 day pregnant. My HCG came back as 3890 and my progesterone as 12.9. Are these levels good? I just feel so nervous because of a previous miscarriage 2 years ago (and then TTC since then) and because I had a BAD stomach bug a couple days ago and had some pink spotting afterward! 

Anybody else's experiences would be really really appreciated!  

Thank you! (:

Re: Normal HCG and Progesterone levels??

  • When i had my son they tested my progesterone due to frequent spotting (I forget how many weeks I was) and it was 12. OB said it was okay but a touch low so she gave me oral progesterone pills 200mg. I took those until 13 weeks. I did havevspotting my whole pregnancy and was on restricted activities starting at 19 weeks but I delivered a happy healthy little boy at full term! 
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