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Water Broke 4 hours before scheduled induction

On Friday night I had to get up around 3 am because DD1 and DD2 were making noises in their room. I walk in to find out that they are both reading books in DD1's bed, tell them they need to work on sleeping and go back to my room to get my husband to help transfer DD2 back to her bed when I realized I had to go to the bathroom. I walk into the bathroom and, in this case just like the movies, my water broke in a huge gush. I noticed green so right away I knew we had to get to the hospital because meconium. I got DH up, woke up the in-laws to take over the girls, called the doctor and we were off.

We got to the hospital pretty quickly, got into the room and settled in on the monitors but labor wasn't really progressing. Doctor came in and explained we could go ahead and start pitocin to get things moving. I asked to wait an hour, I was actually thankful for that time because I had trouble sleeping all night so I took a power nap waiting for the active labor to kick in. Nurse came in, installed the IV access, and was going to get the pump when the contractions began. DH helped me walk around a little while I was waiting, and the contractions actually started to kick into high gear before they even turned on the pitocin. This was around 6:30 am. I felt things kicking into high gear and asked for the nurse to pour the bath so I could labor in the tub. I got in and I really felt everything come on. They offered the epi before that, and I knew that by the time they got it ready it would probably be too late.

All told about 3 hours of active labor, and one mother of a contraction that opened me up from 6 cm dilation to 9 cm dilation, and within 10 minutes she was born. Transition was it's usual scary self but I'm just glad it was done quickly and I was able to power through. One of my 5 pushes, they told me to stop in the middle to cut the cord because it was caught on LO's shoulder, which I am incredibly thankful I had the ability to do. She came all the way out on the fifth push, they rushed her over to the warmer to pump the meconium out of her esophagus, and DH kept me informed as things were happening. They were able to get it all out and she had Apgars scores of 7 and 8. 10 lbs. 1 oz., 21 inches long, with a mop of chestnut hair and what appears to be blue eyes (we shall see, but they look just like DD2's eyes did who is blue-eyed). 

There was some monitoring of her sugars since she's so big, and I'm still working on getting my milk to come in, so they recommended we supplement at the hospital on day 2. I've been nervous about all the swelling, which wasn't something I had this bad the other two times. I opted for the 24 hour discharge and got to be home Sunday evening with the family, which was nice. Getting used to the current and ever-changing version of normal at the moment, the girls are beyond happy to see their little sister, and also impatient with her development, LOL. 


Re: Water Broke 4 hours before scheduled induction

  • Wow! Just wow. 10lbs?! You are a rock star!
  • congratulations!!!! incredible birth story. the timing of your water breaking is so funny; guess she decides for herself when she makes an appearance! glad the meconium in the water wasn’t a huge issue. so jealous you got to labor in water—i always wanted to do that! i had massive swelling this time too—had to buy size 9.5 boots with stretching sides to fit my normally sized 8 feet. lasted about 2.5 weeks before all the fluid was gone i’d say. and lol to her sisters being impatient about her development! enjoy all those newborn snuggles. you rock!!
  • Wow!!!!! You go girl! Did it take awhile to get her sugar levels regulated? She’s beautiful! My feet swelled up pretty big too but went back a few days after leaving the hospital hopefully yours will too! Enjoy your newborn snuggles! 
  • Thanks @wildrainbow I am still feeling it, but noticing that healing is definitely happening quickly.

    @highsteaks they're hilarious! Dd1 asked if the baby could drink regular milk yet on day 2! Dd2 is struggling a bit, I think things will get better once she gets to see her baby sister grow and become more cognizant. Definitely struggling with understanding why she shouldn't beat Mommy up. I'm pretty sure my feet have gone from 8 to 9.5. Trying to wait for the end of the week to decide on new shoes.

    @arieselle her sugars were technically good all around, just concerned about a 10 point dip between readings (57 to 47) so watching it for either suffe jittery or super sleepy (hard to gauge on a newborn). I'm loving these snuggles though!!!

  • @hollyeva Congratulations! She is so beautiful. I hope you all are transitioning well to being at home. Has your swelling gotten any better yet? 
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  • Thanks @offtoneverland the swelling has started to go down, thanks to compression socks and a lot of water drinking. I might have to invest in those larger shoes though, it seems my right foot grew a little longer. 
  • Congratulations!!! 

    My little guy was almost 10 lbs. I had crazy swelling after him too. It lasted 2 weeks! 
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