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T-Waffle Tuesday 12.4.18

Who is the twatwaffle in your life today? 

Re: T-Waffle Tuesday 12.4.18

  • The school Psychologist currently tops my TW list today. Came in and interrupted my class in the last few minutes before the bell to talk to me about setting up a meeting (that had to get rescheduled because he decided not to go despite the fact that he was REQUIRED to). So I have to reschedule a meeting that I already had with a parent that is... difficult because this douchebag ditched. I am not looking forward to this. 

    He is now all hot and bothered to get this shit taken care of right away because he fucked up. I did not fuck up, so honestly, not high on my priority list!
  • @indulgentgypsy you win. I hate hAtE HATE having to stop my day for other people's mistakes. 

    The constant twatwaffle in my life is also a co-worker. This time, she decided not to submit a report that she has done in previous years because she "isnt in charge of permits any more." I'm sorry, the person working permits now was out of the office for a valid work-related reason for 3 weeks, and she couldn't even think tk mention that the report was due a month ago?! There goes my day. I got asked to drop everything to submit the report. Ugggh.
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    @indulgentgypsy Well that’s a pain in the ass! Not cool, guy, not cool! 

    @tundra_tromper How hard is it to do your job? I have a coworker like this too, he won’t do inventory, he just gives ME the sheet because “I’m not in charge of ordering.” SO ANNOYING! 

    I’ve got two: one: the mother at daycare who sent her pink-eye ridden son (who is still transitioning from infant to toddler room) on Friday and got more than 5 babies sick (now including my DD). This mom is a NURSE!!! She should absolutely know better. What a TW. 

    Two: my FIL puts out an annual Christmas letter. Something told me today to tell DH to remind him not to say anything about the pregnancy in this letter because WE would like to be the ones to announce it. Guess who already wrote the letter and printed it off? I’m soooo upset! I told him he’s not allowed to send the letter out until we hve announced, which won’t be until Christmas or New Years... but it’s just annoying AF. 

    Edited because words are hard at 230 AM. 
  • Oh @indulgentgypsy, your language soothes my soul. Its probably the hormones, but I fucking love you right now!
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