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Experiencing a stillborn


My name is Sherrell  I have 2 daughters Im 33 yrs. old and I just experienced a stillborn. I was 27 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my 1st son.My entire pregnancy was amazing no issues at all. My heart broke into pieces when the doctor told me my baby no longer had a heart beat. I was confused and hurt, I even asked the doctor to try again to try again for my sons heart beat only to be told the same answer there's no heart beat. It has been 38 days since my son was STILLBORN I think of him every second of the day. I just want answers I want to know what happen to my son.😪

Any one else went through a stillborn??

Re: Experiencing a stillborn

  • I lost my son in April at 22 weeks. It is the worst feeling having to go through labor and not take him home with me. I thought i was ok until about 4 months ago when i just couldnt control my emotions. I also had pretty bad anxiety attacks over random things. My doctor put me on zoloft. She told me it was the safest when trying to get pregnant again. Now i am 15 weeks pregnant with another boy and the closer i get to 22 weeks, the more i worry. 

    Ive never been so heartbroken as i was when i lost my son, especially knowing that there was no answer as to why. His chrokmosomes came back normal, but he always measured small. 

    It does get easier, i promise. I still cry over him and think about what he would have been like. However, i am able to get through my day now. Getting pregnant again has made me happy without forgetting about our baby boy that we never got to bring home. 
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    I’m so sorry for your loss, Sherrell. I lost my daughter at 24 weeks 4 years ago. It was the worst experience of my life. We never got definitive answers as to what happened which made my subsequent pregnancy with my 3 year old the most anxiety-inducing 9 months imaginable.

    For me, it took several weeks before thoughts of my loss didn’t consume my entire day. I can’t recall how long exactly but I went back to work at 6 weeks post partum, and I know I wasn’t there yet. Over time things did become easier; eventually a day without tears came, and now I’m able to think of her and talk about her without sadness most of the time. I still break down every now and then, particularly around her birthday, but most of the time she’s now just my daughter in heaven when I think of her and not a crushing weight on my chest.

    Sending you my love.
    November 2010 - 10.5 week loss  o:) 
    October 2011 - DS (7)  <3 
    July 2014 - Stillborn DD (24 weeks)  o:) 
    August 2015 - DD (3)  <3 
    April 2018 - 5 week loss o:) 

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