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  • @lcking82 you’re a rockstar! I got in without any delays last night and was 3 hours late to work this morning.

    @riff323 I’m sorry things are so stressful. I tested positive last time at dpo 10, but I really don’t think drinking that early causes FAS. Have you talked with your OB? Mine is extremely chill about this and while she doesn’t encourage drinking while pregnant/TCC, she also has reassured me that having a glass or around the test turning positive is fine. 

    @jennifer_louise ugh, I’m sorry. 😕. I hope the day got better.

    Number trying for: 2
    month/cycle: 3/3, D0
    age of other child: 17 months
    thoughts about cycle: day 0. Enough said.
    GTKY: DS has not watched a movie yet, but my favorite is Elf! 

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    @bostonlady-2 I don't even have an OB right now.  :# I gave birth in a town 1.5 hours away, so I need a new one and have done my research on where to go when the time is right... but until then, I'm winging it!

    ETA: So sorry about CD 1. :(
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  • @bostonlady-2 thanks! It mostly stayed a crappy day but hey, it's over now. Also, welcome!! I'm sorry about AF too :) hope you get lucky soon! 
  • @MotherofDragons I'm also doing HIO ED because I'm just over the whole timing process!
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  • @klmcguire Yay! That sounds like so much fun. Is the whole family going or just you and YH?

    @marebear15 @MotherofDragons That's what I was trying to do too!!

    @bostonlady-2 Sorry about your Day 0  :'(
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  • @stephanie123456 ; The whole family! I am so excited. 

    Awkward Family Christmas Photo - TTGP December sig challenge

  • @klmcguire that sounds awesome!!!
    TTGP December Siggy Challenge: Awkward Christmas Photos

  • Number you are trying for:  2

    Month/Cycle: 5/4


    Ages of other child(ren): 13 months

    Thoughts about this cycle: Timing is hard with DH work schedule but this month should be good



    I'm back on the TTGP board and apparently I go here. I didn't realize that mentioning LC in the normal threads wasn't allowed, either I didn't remember or it's changed in the last 2 years. 

    I asked DH for opks and preseed for Christmas haha. Also realized that if I don't get KU this cycle that I'll have AF on our first trip away from DS. At least I'd get a full night's sleep! 

    I'm going to read through and take notes to catch up and jump in.

    GTKY: What is your favorite Christmas movie you have to show your kid(s) every year?
    This is our first real Christmas with him but so far we've watched the Nutcracker and he really liked Angela's Christmas, it's a short story on Netflix that's really sweet. 
    Me: 25 DH: 29, Married 1/1/2015
    DS 11/2/2017
    TTC since August 2018

  • Number you are trying for: 2

    Month/Cycle: 4

    WTO/TWW: TWW, 10 dpo

    Ages of other child(ren): nearly 2

    Thoughts about this cycle: I was super hopeful, good timing. But I got my BFP previously at 10 dpo and nothing this am. So, feeling significantly less hopeful now. 

    Questions: Nope.

    Rant/Rave/Brag: I have been to target like 3 times in as many days and can't remember a bag of stick-on bows to save myself. I've got at least 10 presents wrapped and waiting for a bow under the tree. Mom brain. 

    GTKY: What is your favorite Christmas movie you have to show your kid(s) every year? Ehhhh, Christmas is a hard time of year for me. So I tend to prefer satirical Christmas movies like 4 Christmases. But I did show my DS Charlie Brown Christmas this year and he LOVED it. So maybe we'll make that a tradition?

    And also, I hate A Christmas Story. My older brother tortured me with it on loop every December of my childhood. Perhaps that's related to why I have no favorite childhood Christmas movie?  :|
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • @lillywonderland I’m waiting for DS to be at that mildly helpful age. Originally I wanted to try for the Montessori method but I realized I’m just not that kind of mom haha (as in I don’t have the time/skill/energy for all of it)

    @marebear15 I get my hopes up each cycle. Last one I thought I had implantation bleeding and everything but a BFN and AF came right on time 4 days after that random spotting (I’m also weaning now and hormones are weird)

    @riff323 I got a BFP with DS at 3+3 which was about 10DPO I think with an FRER and digital with afternoon urine so I'm assuming early implantation

    @daisy0322 we moved last year when DS was 6 weeks. Granted we stayed with ILs who had a tree and all that but we don’t have a tree this year either. Maybe if you really want to you can get a felt one off Amazon for LO to play with?

    @jennifer_louise that really stinks. A bunch of people from my Nov BMB are pregnant already which is why I came here. Our babies all turned one recently and the first baby to be born after was actually born today and there are at least 5 other pregnant women. 

    Me: 25 DH: 29, Married 1/1/2015
    DS 11/2/2017
    TTC since August 2018

  • Number you are trying for: 2

    Month/Cycle: 0

    Ages of other child(ren): 16 months

    Questions: Nope.

    Rant/Rave/Brag:  I had my annual checkup and surprise -- I got my IUD removed today!  It turns out that the midwife I see at the OBGYN office does IUD removals. I knew she didn’t do insertions and assumed that also meant removals as well, which is why I had an appointment scheduled for next week with the NP.  When I was chatting with the nurse, she said that the MW could actually remove it today and save me a trip back next week! 

    MW and I chatted for a bit about TTCing again and how it took 16 months to get KU with DD. I got my bfp while waiting for my appointment to begin testing, so I don't know why it took that long with DD.  She recommended that H get an SA if we go 4 months without getting KU this time around. After that, we could start discussing testing for me if need be. 

    GTKY: What is your favorite Christmas movie you have to show your kid(s) every year? Muppet Christmas Carol. I showed it to DD for the first time this year and she loved it. 
    Me: 31  DH: 35
    Together since 2007 | Married June 2013
    TTC #1: June 2015
    BFP: 11/9/16 |  EDD: 7/22/17
       <3 DD born 7/16/17 <3 

    TTC #2
    Mirena out early December 2018. 
  • I feel like I'm so behind! 

    @winchestergirl I'm right there with you 2-3 times a week is normal for us and 4 makes me feel like a rockstar haha when we got married it was about twice daily but that only lasted a month because I got pregnant and had horrible morning sickness immediately! 

    @klmcguire a cruise sounds magical... I've only ever done a Disney cruise but I'd like to go again!

    @MotherofDragons I agree this has been the longest week in history! 

    PS I'm trying hard to hold out on testing until after I miss AF but with hubbys birthday tomorrow I'm SO FREAKING TEMPTED 
  • @slaven ooh, a child-free overnight trip sounds wonderful, AF or no! Welcome!

    @WinchesterGirl oh boo to not liking A Christmas Story. And I feel you on the Target thing.

    @klstone25 glad you have a plan in place going forward.
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  • Sorry to post and ghost yesterday.  

    @riff323 ; Thank you.  It feels a lot better knowing we have a plan in place this time around.  And I'm sorry to see that you've been having a rough time lately. I'm sending you lots of big creepy internet hugs.  <3  As for your question on the hpts, I got a bfp with DD on 10 dpo. 

    @lillywonderland Also a fan of child labor. I'm trying to teach DD that its fun to clean up her toys. It's still a work in progress but I hope we'll get there some day.   :D

    @creamcheeseplease I hope you're feeling better. 

    @stephanie123456 ; I hope those symptoms are not AF symptoms. FX. 

    @marebare15 Your DD shaking her finger at the tree is the cutest thing ever. 

    @smmatt08 ; I was in my last semester of grad school during my first tri with DD and while it was definitely a challenge at times, it wasn't impossible. You're already a rock star mom and I have no doubt that you'll excel at grad school too.  <3

    @daisy0322 Moving and the holidays are stressful enough by themselves and doing both at the same time is rough. (I've done it before and it sucks).  Do whatever works for you. 

    @jennifer_louise I'm sorry you had such a hard day at work the other day. Unexpected announcements are the worst. 

    @icking82 You are a rock star for surviving that flight and making it into work the next day. We'll be flying for the first time with DD in March and I'm terrified. lol 

    @Mother0fDragons Just reading "have sex daily" makes me exhausted. Also, I love Muppet's Christmas Carol. 

    @bostonlady-2 ; So sorry for AF.   :'(

    @klmcguire That cruise sounds incredible. I've only been on a cruise once (Bahamas) but loved it. Are you planning on doing any fun excursions? 

    @slaven Hopefully, you won't have to worry about AF.  ;)  But a full night's sleep is great either way. 
    Me: 31  DH: 35
    Together since 2007 | Married June 2013
    TTC #1: June 2015
    BFP: 11/9/16 |  EDD: 7/22/17
       <3 DD born 7/16/17 <3 

    TTC #2
    Mirena out early December 2018. 
  • @klstone25:  I promise this was the "worst of the worst" for our travel experiences!  I don't want to scare you!!  We've flown lots with DD, and she really does well for the most part.  For a near two year-old, build in lots of extra time.  Time to get through security (SO SLOW NOW), time to run around at an empty gate, time to watch airplanes from the windows.  And if you have a layover, try and find the airport's play area (lots of airports have playrooms or playgrounds now!).  On the plane, we rely on "new" small toys (things she hasn't seen in a while), sticker books, snacks, and (if plane has internet/entertainment) iphone videos.  Also, other passengers have been surprisingly nice about her traveling.  I was always nervous about making people mad, but really, lots of people talk to her, or offer to help me.
  • @klstone25 Everything that @icking82 told you is going to help make your first flight with your DD so much easier! I’m also going to suggest having DD’s water/milk/juice (or a paci if you still do that) available for taking off/landing. If they can swallow it helps them adjust their ears. 
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  • @icking82 @lillywonderland Thank you for the tips. We'll be taking DD to Florida in March to visit some family and to go to Disney for a few days.  I live in MA and it's only about a 3 hour flight from here to Orlando (so hopefully not too bad). We have an old ipad that we use exclusively for DD so we'll save some videos ahead a time so she'll have them available to watch during the flight.  We haven't bought our plane tickets yet. Our plan is do that in early January and I'm debating buying a ticket for DD. She'll be under two so she could count as a lap infant, but I'm almost wondering if it would be easier for her to have her own seat. At the same time, that's money we could put towards other areas of our trip. 
    Me: 31  DH: 35
    Together since 2007 | Married June 2013
    TTC #1: June 2015
    BFP: 11/9/16 |  EDD: 7/22/17
       <3 DD born 7/16/17 <3 

    TTC #2
    Mirena out early December 2018. 
  • @klstone25 that's a hard choice at that age. Our DD just turned two and when we flew home for Thanksgiving (first time with her own seat) she REFUSED to be buckled up during takeoff and landing even though she had to be. SHE SCREAMED BLOODY MURDER for thirty minutes while we physically had to hold her down in her seat (the flight attendants literally wouldn't leave our seat until she was buckled in). It was a nightmare. On the way back we actually brought her Carseat onto the plane. That was a huge hassle but she understood better that she had to be buckled in. 

    My TLDR is basically that even if you buy her a seat, she might just want to be on your lap the whole time. 
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