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One month after miscarriage

I know this its not a question is more like saying what I’m feeling right now. This coming Monday will be exactly one month since I miscarry my baby at 13.6 and yesterday after 4 weeks I saw my baby before the cremation it was so heartbreaking seeing my baby pretty much all form the tiny body, 5 finger on each hand, 5 tiny toes on each foot, nose, mouth etc. I thought I was fine already but I guess I just made myself believe I was and act like I was, when I saw my baby yesterday everything came back all the pain From the day that it happen my heart was broken into pieces all over again. All I can think is how can you move forward after this, I look okay to everybody and I kept going with my everyday life but somehow I feel like deep inside I’m not okay and the fact that I can’t talk to nobody at all and express what I feel it’s hard beacuse people around me they just say it’s okay you will have more kids in the future and you can try again I know and I understand that but I feel like it’s not the same.
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