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FET#2 after a chemical with PGS

We did a freeze all cycle, partly due to my AMH being so high as well as that we wanted to do PGS testing. I had 22 follicles with 14 mature and 11 fertilized, 9 made it to blast and 4 were PGS normal. First transfer I tested positive on FREr 6dp5dt and on 10dp5dt the line started getting lighter and ended in a chemical. I’m 36 and have 2 children from a previous marriage, this will be a first with my husband and I. He had a vasectomy after 2 children from a previous marriage. Low sperm quality after a semi-successful reversal lead us to this IVF journey. Has anyone had a close experience and had a positive outcome on FET 2? Being we had 4 kids and did PGS I was so sure it was going to work and things be smooth. Being we did PGS we knew the sex and I’m having a really hard time...

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  • @rr510 You still have 3 more to go (or two? if you transferred two) so I wouldn't worry yet. If you continue to have losses you might want to address receptivity issues with your doctor, or immune dysfunction. It's possibly it was just bad luck. Only a portion of the embryo is biopsied, and it could have been a mosaic with a bunch of abnormal cells that were just missed in the biopsy.
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  • @rr510 I’m sorry for your loss. **tw** our first FET  with a PGS normal embryo was success, but the second was not. You’re not alone. DH and I are still having a difficult time from the failure. Take as much time as you need to grieve. You may want to have an ERA before doing another transfer, whenever you feel ready. 
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  • What is your amh level and dx? Just curious as we are soon to be traveling to IVF due to my high amh (45).
  • My AMH was 11... my ATF was over 70.  My husband had his vasectomy reversed last year and his motility and morphology were like nothing. They said we needed ICSI to be able to conceive.  Once we started IVF was when they diagnosed me with PCOS. Where are you from?  Just asking because if you are traveliving for IVF because my doctor was 2 hours each way and it was way more appointments than I anticipated. Just make sure you allow yourself plenty of time. Especially during the retrieval process. 
  • Sending prayers to your and your DH... it’s definitely an emotional roller coaster that takes its toll. I’ve just heard about the ERA Is that something that changes from cycle to cycle? Or after pregnancy’s?  I just ASSumed that after having 2, this would be a walk in the park.  🤦🏻‍♀️I was TERRIBLY wrong. 
  • I’m hoping it’s just bad luck Embryoman.  We have 3 more embryos left. I’m debating transferring 2 this time because I’m not sure that we will do another cycle if this next transfer fails. 
  • @rr510 I wouldn't transfer two if they're euploid. They should have about a 50% chance as long as there's no issues with reception. Plus, some studies show that transferring two doesn't increase your chances of pregnancy - only your chance of having multiples. So if something is wrong with your lining you may risk losing two. 
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  • I have high AMH and my 2nd FET with PGS was a success. Only things I did different was doing an ERA cycle before to make sure timing was right. Also added in baby aspirin and started using a PNV with Folate vs Folic Acid. We were down to our last embryo, so was determined to do whatever I could.
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  • Hi @rr510. I’m in a similar boat. Have very high Amh, had 34 retrieved first time and 20 embies, 13 biopsies and 4 pgs normal. Feb 2018 first FET great positive first beta, 288, then turned into chemical. I was devasted. 
    Second FET with pgs normal didn’t take at all. I did a fresh cycle and transfered 2 untested 5 day blasts which also did not work. Now planning another FET but on immune protocol. All other tests negative. Hang in there, it will work. You have kids so odds are in your favor!
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