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Can anyone reccomend an OBGYN in the conyers/lithonia area? I have my first prenatal visit in 2 days, and am already turned off on how they do things.  I booked the appointment a month out, Thursday afternoon I get a call saying a need a preauth for the ultrasound for Monday morning. I told her that this is short notice,  it really only gives them Friday to get this taken care of and you know doctor offices close around noon on Friday's. What if there is a hold up? She really didn't care. Customer service is huge for me. You had 3 whole weeks to tell me this, not including the day I called to make the appointment and another day I called to see if I could change the appointment time  You wait the day before, for my first visit! Anyone have any recommendations for an OBGYN in the Lithonia/Conyers area?
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