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Increased discharge

I know this is probably TMI, but if you can't mention it here,  where can you? Is anyone else having significantly increased discharge? Sometimes when I cough or stand up it feels like more,  or when I use the restroom it feels like it almost bubbles out? (For lack of better description) Its not consistent, but some days its way more than others and last night it was more than ever. I'm only 15 weeks,  so I don't know if I should be really worried? It doesn't have have much smell, but everything feels so foreign to my body right now it makes me worry. Thank you in advance!

Re: Increased discharge

  • Please go take a look at READ THIS FIRST, you can introduce yourself in INTRODUCE YOURSELF, and then scroll down to SYMPTOMS where this would be appropriate. One-off posts like this are against the rules. If you would like to join the group and get to know other pregnant women, do the above. Also, changing your Screename from the default and adding a picture would make it easier to get to know you. 
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  • It's the baby's discharge that's actually coming out. That's why there's so much.  Don't worry, I'm a doctor in archeology. 
    Do you think it's increased because it's twins? So double the babies, double the discharge, right? 
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