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Got Pregnancy Questions? Ask Them Here! (December)

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A lot of us have questions about our pregnancies, whether we're FTMs or STM+s. We have a lot of threads running right now, so if you create a thread for your own question, it can get buried fast or clutter up the board. So if you have a pregnancy-related question this month, post it here and we'll respond quickly!

Keep in mind that we are not trained medical professionals. If we tell you to ask your OB, we're not brushing you off: it really is better you bring your situation to your doctor (or midwife, etc). 

We also encourage you to try the search function! Chances are your question has been asked already, possibly in a previous BMB. On the top right of your screen in the desktop view, you can enter part of your question in the search bar select which board to search, and how to sort your results. Click Go to find your results. If that's still too broad, click the down arrow in the results page search bar for an advanced search featured that lets you filter by title, author, and time since it was posted. (So, you can filter out posts that are older than one year, six months, etc.) 

With that, ask away!
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Re: Got Pregnancy Questions? Ask Them Here! (December)

  • What are your thoughts on NIPT if you are healthy (relatively) and under 35? ShouldI do it?
  • For me the only things that limits what testing I will/will not do is what insurance will cover. I have not had the money to cover extras on my own. Now that I am of "advanced maternal age" at 41, insurance will cover a LOT of extra testing, so I will get it all done. My emotions need the extra tests for reassurance and my planning nature needs it so if there are issues, we can plan ahead. 
  • @doodlemomma I have opted out of all genetic testing for all my boys. We are younger, don't have family history that would warrant needing it, and we trust that the anatomy scan would find anything we would need to prepare for.

    We also have had a high deductible plan for my previous pregnancies and our current insurance doesn't it so it's out of pocket. Even if insurance did cover it, we'd skip. 

    There's no right or wrong answer. It's preference. 

  • What are your thoughts on NIPT if you are healthy (relatively) and under 35? ShouldI do it?
    I did it but I was 34 so not sure if it is the same. I wanted as much information as I could get. Plus I found out I was having a girl very early :)
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  • @tsa208 I work with majority young females so several have been pregnant recently or are currently pregnant. Out of the previous 3, all chose to do the testing and they are younger than me (I'm 32). It is 360 out of pocket, but I'm not sure if I should do it. I sadly just want to know the gender since its my first pregnancy. February/March seems so far away!

    @nopegoat yeah I definitely keep waffling on what decision to make. We will see!

    @indulgentgypsy yeah, I am considering not if it will be outrageous in price.
  • @doodlemomma if you really just want to know the gender, there are places that do that, and I think it would cost a lot less than $360! Around here it's like $115 for a full package with images, etc. Just a thought :)
  • @doodlemomma agreed that if you’re just wanting to find out the sex of the baby early, I would check into early ultrasound places. Many do them around 14-15 weeks and probably cheaper than the genetic testing. 

    I haven’t done the testing with my first two and won’t with this one either. Similar to @nopegoat DH and I are both younger and don’t have a history of anything on either side of the family, so we’ve decided not to have it done. 
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  • I am opting out.  I work as a disability rights advocate.  I am really ready for any outcome. 
  • What apps are you ladies using?
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  • We didn’t do any testing with our first, with our second we did the genetic testing/gender since we had a niece that passed away from trisomy 13. I believe the name was informaseq and our insurance covered it 100%. We are not sure if we are doing any testing this time around
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