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Peeing issues almost 2 years after cs

So ever since my C-section almost 2 years ago,  peeing is different . Like the urge to pee isn't as strong and I start and stop a lot. Now I'm 8 weeks pregnant and this morning I had trouble peeing! Like I had to go really bad but only a little came out, stopped,  then over 5 minutes later I finally finished. I'm afraid it's either a uti or the c-section messed things up in there! I guess if it continues I will call my dr. Anyone else have this?

Re: Peeing issues almost 2 years after cs

  • I had severe urinary issues after CS1 9 years ago.   Pain with urination/abdominal and pelvic cramping and spotting all first and second tri. Baby was fine though.  With CS2 doc fixed bladder displacement and a small tear d/t adhesion to uterus and  I haven't had issues since.  
  • I have never had this issue. It felt weird to pee after the catheter is removed and for the first few days after delivery. After that, peeing goes back to normal.

    During a c-section, doctors can cut or damage bladders. It's one of the risks of surgeries. You might have a bladder injury from your surgery. Also, scar tissue can adhere to your bladder as well. You should talk to your doctor about the problems and concerns you have! Hope this helps!  <3

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