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  • @mooret1118 Congratulations to you and your DH! May you continue to be blessed! 

    Thank you for the encouragement! Some of us, by that I mean “I” need it. On my 3rd cycle, TWW ends this Thursday, 1/17 when I go to the RE for beta testing. FX! 
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    @bobella22 how did this month go any good news?
  • @ispi no good news. We are taking a break for a couple of months. I feel like going to the dr. Constantly has stressed me way too much. Started going back to the gym and eat healthier and hoping that it will help. A friend of mine got pregnant on a break from Dr. So wishful thinking. How are you doing? 
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    @bobella22 I’m sorry! But we are on the same page, we are completing this month and then taking a break for about a year. We will have to do ivf. But I really need a break and I have some time to spare haha a good break is always needed!
  • @bobella22 @ispi I also didn't get good news but wasn't actually expecting any given what happened. We are doing this last IUI (end of Jan.) if it doesn't work, we're also going to take a break and focus on other things for a few months while we save for IVF. Good luck to both of you. 
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    @bobella22 @31magnolia I’m sorry to hear that! A break is always good. I’m planning a nice getaway vacation!
  • Thanks you ladies for all of your support. I want to change REs especially bc I realized my last IUI he had me trigger when follicle was only 15.5 so he could squeeze one in before new years when they were closed.  I have just been working out and eating better and hoping its what I need. I already feel better and less stressed this month. Someone told me dates help with fertility so have been having one a day. Wishing you all get bfps and will be lurking and checking in  
  • @bobella22 I totally read dates as in date nights and not the fruit lol
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