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Water Challenge Week of 11/27

Re: Water Challenge Week of 11/27

  • I need to do this this week. I feel like my morning sickness has gone down enough that I need to try to get my water intake up. 
  • I’ve been drinking more milk than anything. I’ve had like 30 oz of milk. 😂 
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  • @mrskoz428 OMG my lactose intolerant self is basically running to the bathroom just reading that  :#

    I've had 60oz so far today and it's 3 here. I was so bad the past week though. When DD is around, I can't use my 20oz water bottle (lost the lid so I just use it as a cup) or keep a cup out without her wanting to play with it. Note that I started this on a day when I'm on track ;)

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  • @kvh22 sorry! 😂 I’m a Wisconsin girl. I love all dairy!
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  • @mrskoz428 I can’t even remember the last time I had milk 😂

    @kvh22 my DS probably drinks at least 1/3 of my water every time I refill it. I usually put lemon in it so he goes “mmmm sour!” After every sip 😂
  • @DressageDarling that's so cute!!! I love it! DD is 15 months so it's a huge mess if she actually gets to it. She loves drinking out of my glass but I need to help her. She once picked up a full pint glass of water off the end table without spilling it and put it on the ground. I got to her right before she stuck her fist in it to make it overflow and go everywhere. I was pretty impressed she didn't make a mess getting it down, though.

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  • @DressageDarling yes! Take advantage of that sweet little innocents! All the lemon water for him!
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  • @kvh22 that sounds about right for that age haha That is pretty impressive she set it down without spilling. DS is 2.5yo and is just staring to get the hang of open glasses. He does spill a ton still. 
  • @DressageDarling My DD is the same way! Water is WAY more appealing from my cup than her own water bottle.

    I'm at 60oz for today so far (1:42 EST). I have got to refocus on this. I can feel I'm not hydrated enough, especially for as much salt as I'm craving.

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