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Blood from switching formula?

My 3 month old was recently diagnosed with dairy/soy intolerance when he was having blood in his stool. I had cut out dairy/soy for a month but decided to switch to formula. He was on nutramigen for a week and poops cleared up but he despised the formula. We found a European formula hipp ha to use so switched to that and he had bloody poops the same day. Decided to give it a few days and hadn’t seen any blood in 4 days. We ran out of the hipp ha while waiting for the new batch to be sent so I mixed it with the nutramigen to prolong. I then saw more blood in his stool. I am going to give the hipp ha another week or so to confirm but am wondering if the switching formulas is what is causing the blood? I am hoping it is not the formula because I really do not want to go back to nutramigen ! Anyone have similar issues ? 
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