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7 weeks symptoms

Okay so this is my first pregnancy and we got pregnant through IVF. I'm 7 weeks 3 days today. Last week and the week before were rough. I was nauseous, I couldnt stand the thought of eating meat, my boobs were so sore, I was exhausted and always hungry...all the fun stuff. Sunday I woke up and I felt completely  normal, no symptoms whatsoever, and it has stayed that way. I had an appointment at 6 weeks 5 days and got to see the heartbeat and was told everything looked great! Now I'm wondering if something is wrong since my symptoms have disappeared! I have another appointment this Thursday but I'm really nervous they're going to find something wrong! Maybe I'm just paranoid. Hopefully I'm just one of the lucky ones whose body just handles pregnancy very well. Anyways has anyone else experienced this? Should I be concerned? I just wanna ease my mind. 
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