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  • @klstone25 heyyyyyy ;)

    When I had the Mirena removed I spotted for about 5 days then started full blown AF 2 weeks later. I was on CD10-ish when I had it removed. I say "ish" because I didn't really have periods while I had an IUD but I tracked some light days or spotting. Looking back on what I tracked (CM and CP), I think I did O during that weird cycle immediately post IUD removal.
    DH: 30 | Me: 30
    Married: December 2012
    Baby girl born October 2016
  • @klmcguire Thanks! H and I plan to NTNP until it does.   ;)  By the way, I just reread up above. 4 trees? And I thought I was overdoing it with two. lol  In addition to our big tree in the living room, I have a mini tree that I decorate with all of the Barbie hallmark ornaments (My aunt bought me one every Christmas). I figure as she gets older, the Barbie tree will be DD's.
    Me: 31  DH: 35
    Together since 2007 | Married June 2013
    TTC #1: June 2015
    BFP: 11/9/16 |  EDD: 7/22/17
       <3 DD born 7/16/17 <3 

    TTC #2
    Mirena out early December 2018. 
  • @klstone25 ; She will love that Barbie tree one day! I love all of my trees! We go a little overboard!

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  • @smmatt08 Similar situation here. When I was still EPing, I didn't get a period at all. Since I stopped in July, I've had what I would call two light "periods" (mainly a few days of spotting). As much as I have enjoyed not having AF all this time, I'm ready to get back to normal and have a clue as to what my body is actually doing.  
    Me: 31  DH: 35
    Together since 2007 | Married June 2013
    TTC #1: June 2015
    BFP: 11/9/16 |  EDD: 7/22/17
       <3 DD born 7/16/17 <3 

    TTC #2
    Mirena out early December 2018. 
  • @klstone25 welcome! I got my period within a day or two of having Mirena removed. I hated Mirena and spotted or bled every. single. day while I had it, so I was relieved to have a normal period again. My body was grateful too!
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  • riff323 said:
    @klstone25 welcome! I got my period within a day or two of having Mirena removed. I hated Mirena and spotted or bled every. single. day while I had it, so I was relieved to have a normal period again. My body was grateful too!
    I did the same. I spotted at least 4 out of 7 days a week. It was the most annoying thing ever. I will never have another one. 
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  • Wait are you guys serious?? @riff323 @klmcguire you bled everyday? That's ridiculous. I haven't heard that complaint about Mirena before so that's fascinating  
  • I work at a children's hospital right now but I use to do adult world and I'm not in L&D or GYN so this is absolutely NOT a medical opinion but with that said.... I've seen a lot of bad things from mirana and most people I work with won't get one either. Same for nexaplant (sp?).  One of my friends actually had her uterus rupture at 21 from a mirana and now she can't have kids ever among other countless issues. 
  • @jennifer_louise dead serious. It was starting to eff up my thyroid, too. If I hadn't had it removed when I did, I'm sure I would have hypothyroidism now. I believe I only had about 5-10 days without spotting or bleeding during the 8 months I had it.
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  • @marebear15 I don't know why I let the doctors talk me into it. My body does not like synthetic hormones. I tried the copper IUD too but it made my bleeding so heavy and it lasted 2 weeks out of every month!
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  • edited November 29
    @marebear15 right there with ya. Never been on BC besides FAM/NFP. We used barriers after DD when I was terrified of getting KU again. Seems laughable now that I'm here. 

    That sucks so much you guys had those issues. Makes you wish they'd just hurry up with that male pill, mirite? 😜

    Eta: @daisy0322 super sad for your friend, nobody should have to pay that price! 
  • @jennifer_louise - Just the thought of taking something that shrinks your uterus, or prevents your lining to thicken, or prevents ovulation, etc., just doesn't set right with me. I mean I understand those who need birth control for out of whack hormones, but to mess with your hormones on purpose and stop your body from functioning normally sounds like it could cause a lot of other issues.
    I also believe in life at conception, so that throws out 99.9 of all birth control options.
    Yeah, now I'm like, really, I thought I needed condoms this whole time to NOT get pregnant??
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  • @riff323 @klmcguire ; I'm sorry you both had such bad experiences. 
    @daisy0322 I'm so sorry for your friend.  :'(
    @jennifer_louise I don't know about you, but I wouldn't trust my H to remember to take a pill every day. He's lucky if he can remember where he put his keys most days. 

    FWIW I've had mirena for 14ish months now and haven't had an issue with it at all.  

    Me: 31  DH: 35
    Together since 2007 | Married June 2013
    TTC #1: June 2015
    BFP: 11/9/16 |  EDD: 7/22/17
       <3 DD born 7/16/17 <3 

    TTC #2
    Mirena out early December 2018. 
  • I'm fine with the mini pill my body responds to it well but I can't take anything else. Typically we use the "pull out method" and/or NFP for BC. Condoms give me infections and UTIs. Withdrawal method is 96% effective though if you do it right. But we are pretty open to babies anyway. We actually interpret the bible to mean that you should have as many kids as you can provide for and adequately parent. 
  • @jennifer_louise ; Yea it was horrible. When I told my OB he basically was like, "well that is absolutely horrible" Also, when I was running I could tell you the SECOND I hit the 5 mile mark because I would start bleeding heavier. It was the craziest and worst thing.

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  • @riff323 I used the copper iud after ds and it last 6 months. My bleeding was out of control that I was housebound during the first few days of my period. It was terrible. 

    @marebear15 I’m with you on that. I took bc pills 10 years ago when I first met dh and used the iud after ds was born. I always felt horrible while on them. I’m sure it added into whatever is going on with me now. 
  • What number are you trying for? 3

    Month/Cycle? 2/2


    Ages of other child(ren)? 3.5 y, 17 mos

    Any thoughts about this cycle? Frustrating

    Any questions? None 

    Rant/Rave/Brag: I’m over my body. Tomorrow will be CD 1, my usual pre-period spotting started. This early ovulation means that I will likely get my period the day of my marathon if I don’t get KU. 

    My periods are so heavy and take a lot out of me that I’m terrified of the potential of not finishing and/or requiring medical attention. 

    I hope it works out. Ugh. 

    GTKY: What Christmas tradition are you looking forward to doing with your child(ren) this year? Driving around to look at the Christmas lights. Some of my favorite memories with my mom were those nights.

    Now I’m going to attempt to catch up a bit. I’ve mostly MIA because we’ve had a crazy busy week.  
  • @kbrown2385 I hope your appointment goes well! 

    @MollyH1987 Holy cow! How’s your toe doing today? 

    @lillywonderland Happy half birthday to your little guy today! 

    @klmcguire Your floors and seating totally distracted me from the tree. Gorgeous. 

    @marebear15 I’m sorry about the wild cycles. I hope things level off soon into a new more predictable normal. 

    @smmatt08 So sorry to hear about your loss. That is a lot to take on with her passing and then turning around and hosting Thanksgiving. 

    @klstone25 Welcome! 

  • @marebear15 SAME on the no hormonal BC. I did for the first couple years after we got married, because "that's what you do". But I gained 40 pounds,  was a hormonal, upset mess, and just generally not a happy person. The doctor acted like I was insane when I was unhappy & after trying several types just switched to condoms. "Your birth control could not possibly do any of that."
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • @MotherofDragons oh man, I hope AF doesn't ruin your marathon!!!
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  • @MotherofDragons omg I am so sorry about the prospect of AF coming (and coming on marathon day too). Is this your first marathon? 

    @lillywonderland a toddler tree is a great idea! Maybe next year. I'm worried DS will be scared of our tree.. he was terrified of a little train set DH set up for him..

    @marebear15 wow your DD is talking already! 

    @stephanie123456 that is an amazing idea to rewrap presents for DS! Haha. I would totally do something like that!

    @smmatt08 so sorry for your loss.

    I went back on the pill after DS was born but stopped it after a couple months, I didn't like how it made me feel and I forgot to take it a lot anyway. We just did FAM then, and we honestly weren't (and still sorta don't) have that much sex that it was that much of an issue. 

    I posted this in WTO but am going to post it here too.. DH made a comment last night about maybe just NTNP and not trying.. I don't think he understands how much goes into timing. He also made a comment that "don't you want DS to have everything we can give him?" I really didn't know how to respond to that.. of course I do, but honestly don't think that is related to TTC a sibling.. and, not to mention, HE WAS THE ONE who has been bugging me for months to TTC!!
  • @creamcheeseplease I'm sorry about your talk with your hubby. You're right, sometimes I don't think guys get it. Like DH tries to comfort me when AF comes and I'm sad, but sometimes he comes off as a bit tone deaf. I don't know about you, but I am not laid back enough for NTNP. Do or do not, there is no try. (To quote Yoda lol).
  • @jennifer_louise yeah I feel like once I’m in I’m in! You’re right men can be a bit insensitive. When we were TTC before and had failed months DH didn’t really understand why I was sad beyond a minute of disappointment. 
  • @daisy0322 your H sounds like mine.. my H has told me many times he can decide to give only boy sperm or girl sperm "in the moment". I *think* he's kidding, but.. he never truly lets on that he is.. so I'm worried he truly believes it.
  • @creamcheeseplease - My DD isn't saying a lot, but she can say mama, daddy, go, book and banana (both are "ba"), binky, byebye, hi, moo, car, and vroom vroom. She doesn't say all of them at one time though, her vocabulary seems to rotate through. Right now she refuses to say mama and byebye. 
    Also, is it possible that YH wants to NTNP because the process is getting stressful for him? Maybe he just doesn't want to know about your fertile week and ovulation days and OPKs and the like, and just wants it to happen.
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  • @creamcheeseplease we had a similar conversation this summer. I think DH was just realizing the gravity of the situation - like, "Oh... this could actually result in another kid." He came around eventually, and I can't blame him because I've had the same fears about adding a sibling.

    I agree with all of you about NTNP. I tried that for like two months and then I was back to TTC.
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  • @creamcheeseplease haha ohhhh yes! He keeps promising me a girl this next pregnancy because and I quote "I'm gonna aim right this time, don't worry babe I got this" I like to think he's kidding too but he keeps calling our next baby Lorelai becausevthats the girl name we picked. As in "we'll when you get pregnant with Lorelai" or "that'll be Lorelai's room when we move it". Men are silly creatures. 
  • @daisy0322 hahaha ok I'm glad mh is not the only ridiculous one!

    @marebear15 yeah I think possibly he doesn't want to hear about this stuff. But, if we want to have any chance of it happening we need to try, because he works at night and has an off schedule and it's difficult to get timing. OH well. I will chill out with talking about it. I just feels like a huge part of my day that he doesn't want to hear about, but I guess that's why I'm here :):smile:
    Your DD says a lot for her age I think! DS is barely talking at all, just da for doggie and duck, mama, ba for ball.

    @riff323 you're right it is a huge step! 
  • @MotherofDragons   First, I am so excited you are doing a Marathon. Is this your first? I was training for my first a couple months back that is supposed to be next weekend, but *TW
      I stopped running when morning sickness hit... and now I wish I were still doing it.

    Second, thanks! My kitchen is my favorite room in my house and basically when we first finished it I probably would have slept on that floor because I loved it so much haha! 

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  • @Mother0fDragons My toe is much better! I can walk now without a limp although it's still black and blue. Oh the pains of remodeling :-)

    I feel like I have similar talks with my DH. He is slowly starting to see how much work goes into tracking and timing. Hopefully he is starting to appreciate the effort!

    @daisy0322 Hahhaa at your DH's comment about aiming!
    Me: 31  DH:35
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    Started seeing RE in June 2015
    HSG in July 2015 = normal, started Clomid/Ovidrel/IUI cycle in August 2015
    Cycle #3 in October afforded 1st month of mature follicles - underwent IUI
    BFP on 10/27/15
    Maggie Noelle born on 07/01/16

    TTC #2 in September 2018
    BFP on 12/2/18 - EDD 8/10/19
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  • @creamcheeseplease It is my first. 

    @klmcguire I am so sorry and hope next weekend isn’t too rough on you. Hopefully you can keep your mind busy and be kind to yourself. I hope you get another shot at your marathon  <3 I read you were a running family, right? That was you? I’m a solo runner here (my husband can barely speed walk) but my favorite time to run is pregnant. I feel like I can take the self imposed pressure off and just enjoy myself. I’m really psyching myself out with this potential period timing. 
  • @Mother0fDragons ; Umm.. Kind of haha. MH ran his first half this year. He trained literally 3 long runs (5,7,8) and ran maybe once a week. While I trained my typical 10-12 weeks and came in 1 second over my goal time and he came in 20 minutes after mE (AND STOPPED TO POOP) My 6yo ran his first 5k a couple weeks back and my 3yo ran his first 1 mile the same day. So my boys are wanting to run and my husband just joins if he wants too haha. My goal for 2019 is doing my first marathon in the first couple of months and getting faster. I am ready to do another Half Ironman, but decided to sell my bike when we started TTGP.

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  • Oh my @klmcguire @Mother0fDragons you ladies are seriously impressive!! I ran 3 marathons before DD and used to love long distance running when I had more time. I did run one half marathon last October (a year after DD, just to prove I still could) and honestly have only put on my running shoes a few times since then. 

    I hope to get back into it after kid(s) are older, but looks like I should be trying to keep it up anyway! 
  • I think all you long distance peeps are awesome! I really do run for the enjoyment of it, so I like to do races because they keep me motivated, but I don't actually race (someone with a pace like mine is really just in it for the fun).
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  • @riff323 You are getting out there, running and enjoying it! It totally doesn't matter about your times! I enjoy running just to relieve the stress of the day. Even if I can get a 30 minute run in I am a happier person. 

    @jennifer_louise ; I have a pretty flexible job, so I do a lot while my babies are gone. If I had to wake up early and run or try to do it on a treadmill I would absolutely not do it. I call my running my "lunch break" haha.

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  • Going back like 3 conversations ago in this thread (disappear for 1 day and...) - I too used BC (Nuvaring) for the first year we were married.  I was a resident in a crazy training program, and couldn't imagine getting pregnant.  It was fine, but then we stopped using BC once I switched specialties to a more family-friendly one.  And then it took us 7 years to get KU.  My OB asked what type of BC I wanted after DD was born, and I was like "none!" 
  • Here’s a horrible running story for the runners here. My last half marathon was this past April and I had a stomach bug. Didn’t realize it was a bug until I was already at the start line (I had just assumed a nervous stomach but when I just kept going and going...). I should have just sat the race out but it was a Disney race and they’re $$$$. I struggled through, finished, and then went home. 

    Moral of the story: don’t do that. Ever. I wound up fainting later in the day and in the ER. Most expensive race of my life.  
  • @MotherofDragons oh no! I would totally do the same thing, especially with a Disney race, but yeah, ending up in the ER is really not great.
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