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Attention Peg Perego Stroller Owners and Lovers

I’m a FTM here and expecting our baby next month. After doing hours of research, I’m 99% sure I will get the Peg Perego Team stroller. 
I’ve heard TONS of great things about the Uppababy Vista and the few things I’ve heard about Peg Perego are all great. I just feel like the Vista is flooding the market right now and maybe people haven’t tried out the Peg Perego Team because of that. 
I love that it isn’t made in China (it’s made in Italy), and that the company has been around for decades. I also like that it seems more sturdy than the Vista. I also like that the infant seat can fit in the upper attachment and the toddler seat attaches lower, so I can have baby closer to me (if we have a second child). 
I would like to know from parents who have a Peg Perego or know someone who has one, especially the Peg Perego Team, what are the pros and cons?
- How is their customer service?
- If something breaks, do they replace it free or at low cost or do they make you buy a new part at full cost?
- Is there a travel bag I could use with it when traveling? Will the Uppababy Vista travel bag work with the Peg Perego Team? My husband and I are avid travelers and plan on continuing to travel with our little one.
- How well does it last
- What other accessories from other stroller brands are compatible with it?
- Please list any other points you think are important about Peg Perego or Peg Perego Team stroller.

Thank you!!!
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