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Brown discharge with compete placenta previa

Currently 34+6 weeks along and have a total previa, possibly grown into the uterus with likely need for hysterectomy at the time of delivery by c section, which is scheduled in 2 weeks but might have to be sooner. So, approximately 2 weeks ago in had a bleed and was hospitalized. When they discharged me (no pun intended) they said that I might have brown discharge for a few more days but a long as there was no bright red blood there was really no cause for concern. I have had 2 follow ups with my OB office and told them that the discharge has not gone away. They don't seem to concerned, but I feel like after 2 weeks it should have resolved.  I finally thought it was gone, went to the bathroom multiple times today and only saw whitish/clear discharge. Well, I just went again and as soon as I stood up I felt a small gush and saw a good amount of the brown discharge in my underwear. I just need to know if any other people with PP have experienced anything like this and can tell me if it's normal or if I should contact my OB office. I can feel baby moving around like crazy in there so maybe him moving is pushing more old blood out? I'm just not sure and don't want to bother my OB on a holiday weekend if I don't have to. Thanks!
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