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Do I get bigger clothes or go right for Maternity clothes

So with my first pregnancy, I was able to wear normal clothes up till my belly popped 6 or 7 months.   However with this pregnancy  I'm almost 5 weeks and nothing fits. Like my yoga  pants feel tight and my Jean's feel like they are cutting into me .i found out i was pregnant 5 days before my missed period.  I had a feelings I was pregnant when everything smell.No diet changes except no drinking,  no certain foods and very very limited  caffeine. I'm not eating more then I did before.My guess bloat? Water weight ? No way got this fat in two weeks.

My question is do i buy bigger normal clothes or just buy maternity clothes that will grow with me?? I like to dress young, so being in clothes that scream pregnant or mom kill me. It feels wasteful to buy bigger clothes only for them not to fit in s few months and probably wont wear them after the baby.  However all the Maternity clothes are for when you have a big bump.  HELP????


  • Yes, its bloat.  Honestly to save money in the long run, I would buy maternity stuff, but that's just me.  
  • I find that maternity clothes help me to feel more out together and fashionable, where as some of my clothes that are just bigger make me feel frumpy. Personally I’d buy maternity clothes just because they’ll be more comfortable for the length of your pregnancy and will fit better overall, whereas bigger clothes might fit around baby but will swallow you whole everywhere else.
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    Thank you so much ladies. I needed another mom opinion before I pull the trigger on new clothes.  Boy they weren't lying when they say every pregnancy is different lol hope this means no morning sickness this time around too lol
  • Do guys have any stores you like for Maternity clothes?
  • I like a lot of OldNavy’s maternity stuff and I’ve found a few good items for sale on PinkBlush too.
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  • @jennaandkevin I'm almost 9 weeks and I've been wearing a lot of dresses and skirts with maternity thights or very high waisted tights so they don't dig into your stomach. This is how I've been staying comfortable until I can look cute in maternity clothes.
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  • I'm already in maternity clothes (13+ weeks and it is my 3rd baby) I just can't get comfortable in regular clothes anymore unless they are a more generous cut. Jeans or skirts are out of the question so i just got maternity ones. Depending on where you live there are a bunch of online retailers that have really cute maternity styles. 

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  • What are the cheaper but still decent stores you buy maternity clothes??
  • cee_moll said:
    What are the cheaper but still decent stores you buy maternity clothes??
    Most of mine, I've gotten at thrift stores. You can find some pretty good deals on good quality stuff if you look. I've also gotten a couple things from Target. However, they've switched to a new line of maternity clothes since my last pregnancy, and I don't like any of it. :( It used to be Liz Lange Maternity, and I still snatch up what I find of that line second hand. Now it's Isabel Maternity or something like that, and I don't find any of it to be cute. The quality seems lesser, too. Apparently, Walmart carries Liz Lange now, but I haven't checked it at all. The Walmarts I shop at don't have any maternity. 

    I also shop sales and clearance at Old Navy/Gap and Pink Blush. They both can have good deals sometimes. I stay away from Old Navy maternity jeans though. I love their regular jeans, but their maternity jeans were just awful for me. Not staying up and gapping around the upper hip where the band attached to the denim. 
  • Anyone know where I can buy long or tall maternity jeans?? I’m like 5’10” and always buy regular long jeans but haven’t been able to find any maternity ones.
  • @cee_moll - I am 5'9 and I got my pants at Motherhood Maternity. I'm also plus-size and I really like their plus selections. If you shop clearance you can get away with a complete wardrobe that'll last you through pregnancy for about $150. That's generally what I spend per season on clothing and I figure pregnancy is a "season" for me lol... I would be uncomfortable in just larger clothing, too. I like having shirts designed with a bump in mind and pants that are nice and comfy and pull up high.
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