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Prodromal Labor

I'm currently 38wks4days with my second baby, another boy. I was on Makena (progesterone injections) every week for 20wks starting at 16wks. I've got a 6 year old son who was born at exactly 35wks via emergency C-section due to fetal distress (late decels with his heartbeat with contractions) two hours after my water broke PPROM. 

I've been having prodromal labor that sets in around 5-7pm and lasts around 12hrs every night for the last 4 nights. It is getting super old. I've tried everything except castor oil which I refuse to do because i'm already going to the bathroom constantly. Methods I've tried; DTD, yoga, birthing/exercise ball, hot baths, apple cider, walking, resting, not resting, etc. Because I'm 33, had a premature baby with PPROM and fetal distress and previous emergency c, and other health issues I'm scheduled for a C-section on the 29th when I'll be 39wks5days. My doc said if I meet any of three criteria to go to the hospital; contractions that are consistently 10 minutes apart, water breaks or bleeding. Well, I called last night to say I was going to come in and the on-call OB said "that doesn't sound like real labor, just wait it out." Even with contractions that were 8 minutes apart. I'm so frustrated! I'm sorry if I sound like a bitch but this baby has measured 2wks ahead the entire time and I'm just completely over being pregnant. I just want him OUT! Anyone else in a similar situation?

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    is the on-call ob affiliated with your regular doctor and/or your medical history? if your regular ob told you to go in at contractions 10 minutes apart, i don’t see the problem with calling the hospital back and pushing the issue, at least to request monitoring. i don’t have experience with your particular situation, but i did deal with conflicting doctor opinions over the timing of my delivery for my high risk pregnancy, so that part is a particular annoyance for me.


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  • My office has over a dozen Doctors and although I didn't recognize the name, she probably does work for the same office. My Dr has been there the longest, has the most experience and is the most requested of all of them. I would hope they would listen to her directions but ultimately the on call would be the one who would do the C-section right now since my Dr is on vacation starting today. Her first day back from vacation is next Thursday, hence why she scheduled it for the 29th instead of a few days earlier. My Mom said I should just go in tonight since it's happening again but I don't want to drag my 6 yo out in the middle of the night (he's got croup right now) for them to end up sending me home. 😟
  • do you have a nonstress test sometime soon? is that standard with a history of pprom?
  • I'm not labelled high risk, I think the NST is for high risk Mom's but I'm not sure. This little guy has measured 2weeks ahead with a strong heartbeat and hasn't shown any signs of being anything other than healthy, strong and big. I don't have GD or anything like that but the Makena injections are treatment for previous PPROM. 

  • I could go to L&D but the hospital is over an hour away and I've got a 6 yo I don't want to drag out in the middle of the night if they end up just telling me to go home. I was told in so many words that my C-section is considered "elective" and the hospital won't perform an elective cesarean before 39wks due to fetal development. (Basically they don't want to electively deliver a preterm infant and risk a lawsuit later on.) If he was in distress it would constitute the need for an emergency C-section like with my last baby but I have no way of knowing without being monitored. With my 6yo my water broke about 10:30 the day before I changed over to 35wks and he was born two hours later so was labelled a 35wk preemie as opposed to a 34wk preemie. When my water broke it was green tinged due to the presence of meconium as he had had a bowel movement as a result of being in distress which I didn't know until I got to my previous hospital and they hooked me up to the monitors and determined he was having late decels with every contraction. Basically his heartbeat was fine drawing blood in but pumping it out was weakened and in general his heart rate was slower than it should have been. 70-80bpm as opposed to 110-120 like they wanted it to be. 
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    UPDATE: I went in Thursday night, I was 70% effaced and 1cm dilated. They sent me home. I was spotting ever since die to the cervix checks and lost my mucous plug.

    I took myself and my 6yo son to the Dr Friday morning and ran errands all morning and afternoon. 

    Today, around 6am I woke up with what felt like period cramps anywhere from 10-20minutes apart. By 10:30 they were less than 10 minutes apart. At 12:30 they were around 5-6 minutes apart. By the time we got to the hospital around 2 they were 3-4 minutes apart. I went from .5-1cm when they first checked to an hour later being almost 3cm. I was writing in pain... it was like the worst menstrual cramps I've ever had but multiplied by 1,000. I mean, I literally came up off the bed!

    At 3:48pm my son arrived by C-section weighing 8lbs1oz and is 20" long. He got 9's on all his APGAR'S. He took to breastfeeding right away! Also, I got my tubes cut and removed... I refuse to go through that ever again!

  • congratulations!
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