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Postpartum Depression

Miss Being Pregnant / Giving Birth. Can't Stop Crying.

I feel silly for saying this, but I have been crying on and off since we've returned home from the hospital after I had our second baby 5 days ago. We live states away from our families, but I was lucky enough to have my parents arrive for the labor & delivery/to help out after and to give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby. However, I find myself crying over no longer being pregnant.

No long feeling my bump and the bond of our sweet babe moving. I miss my OBGYN appointment, ultrasound screenings and the anticipation of our baby. I even miss my labor and delivery!! I was so scared before, but it went incredible and was peaceful like I was hoping for. I had a great support system and wonderful stay at the hospital.

 Is this normal? I'm not sure if I should be talking to someone about this and if this feeling ever goes away. I just cry randomly through out the day missing what I has just a week ago. I am beyond thankful for my healthy baby's arrival and love him tremendously, but I feel like this pregnancy went by so quick that I didn't get to cherish it as much as I'd like :(

Re: Miss Being Pregnant / Giving Birth. Can't Stop Crying.

  • I know exactly what you mean. My pregnancy was horrifying but as soon as I gave birth and came home with my baby girl I missed being pregnant and cried about it. I cried about a lot of things. I cried about my life and how I was now in charge of taking care of this helpless little infant and I worried so much about her. I didn't start feeling like something like myself again until 6-7 months postpartum.

    From your post, it's so hard to tell if you're suffering postpartum depression or not, but it is worth it to have a talk with someone. I know your post was a few weeks ago but I hope you're still around to see this. How are you feeling now? 

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    I felt the exact same after my son was born. You are not alone in feeling this way. For me, it went away gradually after the first week or two. I slowly got back to normal and it did not end up as PPD for me. I cried about random sentimental things like this for a long time (still do) but I think that’s normal as long as it isn’t interfering with your life.
    However I think if you are still feeling this way after a week or two you should talk to someone.
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