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Threatened Miscarriage?

Hello! We got our BFP on Monday, 11/12 this week. We were pretty pumped! We were guessing between 3-7 weeks along, but Im super irregular so we had no idea. However, on Thursday, I woke up with bleeding. I had mild cramping. The bleeding wasn’t enough to require a pad, but was definitely enough to startle me. The second time I went to the bathroom, I had some clotting come out. I went into the dr hat afternoon for labs and an u/s. The u/s showed nothing - literally nothing - in the uterus. I wasn’t surprised, knowing it was super early. My cervix was tight shut, no sign of etopic pregnancy, all looked good. Bloodworm showed HCG levels of 100. At this point, I’m still bleeding enough to wear when I went to the bathroom, I consistently passed some clots(and/or tissue?) but didn’t need a pad yet. The nurse said to come back in the next day for the dr to go over the results. I went home, then back to work. Once at work that evening, my cramps got more intense and the bleeding worsened to the point where I needed a pad. I went through one over the course of two hours. I’d gone to the bathroom and passed a clot/tissue thing the size of a finger, and then kept bleeding after that. I was 100% convinced I’d lost the pregnancy at that point. 

In the morning, I went in to the dr and explained what had happened.  He did an exam and found that my cervix is closed - there were two explanations for this. Either I miscarried and the cervix closed back up overnight, or it never opened in the first place, the bleeding is coming from somewhere other than the uterus, and the pregnancy is still viable.  

He said to come back back in a week to do another beta and we’ll know for sure whether or not the pregnancy progressed or it was a MC based on HCG levels.  He seemed to be trying to give me hope that the pregnancy is likely to progress. 

I haven’t been cramping anymore, but I’ve been continuing to bleed since, always needing at least a panty liner. It’s definitely worse while standing and moving around. I continue to pass clots and thick blood, which lead me to believe I did in fact have a MC. 

Has as anyone had a similar experience? They have me down for Friday for another beta. Do you think it’d be okay to ask for an earlier appt? Would it even be worth it? The part that gets me is my cervix being tight shut. Many people I’ve spoken with have had to wait a week or two for it to close completely, even after a super early MC. Has anyone had it close overnight?  

I apologize for such a long post! I’ve tried to scour the threads for more threatened MC stories but I just can’t seem to find them 😓 

Re: Threatened Miscarriage?

  • I am sorry you find yourself dealing with this.  Since the appointment is only for betas and not another ultrasound, I would definitely ask them to draw them sooner.  Betas should double every 48 hours, so if they are lower, you will know you had a loss, but if they don’t double, you may still have some questions.  If you were going to have another ultrasound, then I would wait.

     Every pregnancy I have has been “threatened miscarriage.” I have had bleed every timI was pregnant, and although 2 of 4 were losses, they were missed miscarriages, and the bleeding was not related.  

    As to the closed cervix, I don’t have much insight, but after my loss last year, a week after my d&c, I was having severe hemorrhaging and losing large clots, the next morning my cervix was closed, so in my experience and opinion, that doesn’t seem to be an indicator.  But maybe my experience is not normal (and my loss had abnormal complications, so that may be)
  • Sorry you are going through this.  I agree with PP betas can be done sooner as they should double in 48 hrs.  
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